Hoppy Easter…

from our fun-foam house, to yours. I built & reinforced the base, then Elizabeth cut loose with the glitterfied foam bits. It was a “jelly bean house kit” from Michael’s, worth every penny.

Just for fun kid crafts are fun for any age. Let go & enjoy the creative time… who said it has to turn out professional looking or be done just right? Not me.

I’m off to dye eggs, color, and otherwise enjoy myself as if I was 7 years old all over again.

Why not?

Wishing you all the best this Easter weekend. I’ll see you Monday.

4 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter…”

  1. i’m jealous that you are dying eggs! i’ve been wanting to do that so bad the past few easters, but i didn’t want to do it by myself and no one else my age seems to think it’s a good idea. haha. i might just go buy some eggs and get to work this afternoon. :]

  2. That house is sooo cute! Do you know it’s really hard to find white eggs here in Australia to dye. And brown ones just don’t take dye as well! Just an interesting bit of trivia for you! Have a great Easter!

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