January guest: Girls Loft

The Girl’s Loft is a kit club new to 2009, and I hope they’re around for a good long time. Margie & her daughters make up the cutest kits that are so easy and fun to play with – and they’ve always got stuff that is new to me.  When I was asked to be a guest designer this month I had to think about it (for .00001 seconds) before sending back a giddy reply.

This kit had a lot of pink in it, making it ideal for me of course. I had a lot of fun and found myself really inspired. (which always feels so good) I loved all of it – but that brocade green sticker from Basic Grey? It slays me. I loved it so much and I want like 100,000 more. I’ve never seen them anywhere and I’ll be begging BG to make every color when I stop by their booth at CHA.

You can see all of my layouts here: http://thegirlsloft.typepad.com/the-girls-loft/2010/01/january-guest-designermay-flaum.html

Happy Monday!!

8 thoughts on “January guest: Girls Loft”

  1. These are great! I love the torn frame you made for the epcot layout! You are like crazy busy! Please tell me your house isn’t perfectly clean too!!

  2. Love your layouts and the colours in the kit. The second one (in your thumbnails) reminds a little of Fancy Pants Aged Florals which I absolutely loved.

  3. May, Oh how happy I was to see that you are the girls loft’s designer this month. I loved your last “kits” class and love the girls loft…so what better combination. dd has caught a cold just as I’m getting over mine, so I haven’t been online much lately to check out the new stuff in girls loft ….need to check it out, sounds cool. I do know it should be arriving any day. Once again, glad you’re the designer…

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