Some honest weekend scrappin’

I got an e-mail about a week ago asking me about scrapbooking and if I ever get stuck. The answer is yes! Sometimes in general, sometimes I freeze for fear of messing up something so lovely, sometimes I don’t have an idea for something. Every crafter and artist I know faces this – it’s natural. That said, and that e-mail in my mind I decided to share this post.

It’s like this: When I get product I LOVE in my hands that I  have a commitment to work with I freeze. I worry over ruining it, messing it up, letting people down, not meeting expectation, being shunned from society… ok not quite that bad but you get my drift. I freak out just a tad. Oh, and I do it every time, no matter how much I love the kit/product/etc. It’s a part of my creative process and I embrace it.

Then: Anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days later after all those yucky negative thoughts have passed through I play. Enjoy. Love every minute creating with the stuff I’m blessed to work with.

Sometimes: If there’s a block, I find jumping in is best. So I’ll make something as a warm-up, a no pressure “do whatever” project or layout. Something that gets the ideas flowing so I can relax into the happy creative zone.

So this afternoon I pulled out these photos and scrapped a subject I’ve been meaning to get into writing. My 2yo says “5 minutes mommy, just 5 minutes” whenever you set her down for a 1-2hr nap. It cracks me up! Every night she’s started doing it too. So when I finally found some photos of her sleeping I knew I could use them for scrapping. No pressure – just for fun…

SUPPLIES: Little Yellow Bicycle patterned paper, American Crafts Chipboard Butterfly, Pink Paislee (pink) alpha, Studio Calico woodgrain number & brackets, Adornit bracket edge word sticker, and random ribbon, buttons, thread, etc.

Now with that exercise complete I feel warmed up and I’m off to play with some of the prettiest paper I’ve seen in a long time. Be back to share more tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Some honest weekend scrappin’”

  1. Made me giggle! My son says “one last minute” when he wants to extend play time or bath time…but we all know he means at least 20 more minutes.

  2. my two, three year olds are always telling me 5 minutes while holding up their little hands whenever we are at a park or in door play thing! cracks me up each time they do it! I’ve been off the scrapping wagon for a while, this cute LO inspires me to get going!

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