prize winner + holiday thoughts

First off – starbucks sleeve give-away winner: Therese  (e-mail me – mflaum at to claim!)

Now onto holiday notes. I love Elf, White Christmas, Love Actually, Christmas Story, Olive the other Reindeer, and a few others movie/show wise. I have some girlie viewings planned this week. I love making up new traditions as well as sticking to old ones. My bottom line? ENJOY.

That’s a detail shot of my mom’s sweet little tree. She has all kinds of things in it – some handmade, some old… very lovely.

I focus on not getting caught up in the frenzy, not worrying over ‘enough’ or if I’ve done everything I hoped to do. Instead I focus on the details.

Enjoy the time I spend baking for friends & family.

Love setting up new traditions and attending festive gatherings.

Adore the decorations and opportunities for quality time.

Relish all the traditions old & new that come out this special month.

I hope you can take a few moments to take deep breaths and relax, enjoy this holiday season and savor all the blessings that come your way big or small.

5 thoughts on “prize winner + holiday thoughts”

  1. Deep breaths..deep breaths….although I have to admit this year is much better than last as we had a flood downstairs before Christmas..workmen here even on Christmas Eve and no power Christmas Day…then there was the car accident after Christmas…ah, the memories 🙂

  2. Taking a deep breath and letting it go. . . trying not to stress about what is not done and enjoy what is happening!

  3. I’m focusing on having a much simpler Christmas Season this year. I took an inventory of what is important to my family and that is what we are spending our energy on. Some of the things we’ve chosen to keep are very time consuming (like baking 46 dozen rolls to give away!) but they make our family happy. We’re choosing not to do so many night time out of the house activities this year. It has been a much more peaceful time of year.

  4. Good for you May!!!! I try SOOOOO hard to take time to enjoy the season. We all get caught up in it and forget the little things. I love this time of year and want to remember it all. Thanks for reminding everyone! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Have a laugh and watch A Christmas Story. And I think I have said it here before but I <3 Love Actually. I cry every time. I smile every time. I laugh every time I watch it. 🙂

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