This time of year, it’s busy.

Oh, and I’m not even talkin’ about Christmas!!! I’ve been a busy girl and I can share a few things with you today…

 I’m a “guest star” at the JBS Inspiration Blog. I was so giddy when Doris asked if I wanted to contribute a project (uh, I mighta done 3) and I had a BLAST! Of course if you’re a regular here you know I LOVE Jenni Bowlin! (the woman + the product line + the kits)

I also finished (and had posted) a blog post about my love of not having any die cut machine. To be clear – it’s not a bash on the machines!! I know they are great for some of you. This is just reasons I’m happy being without. 🙂  {you’ll find 2 new layouts included in said post over at Scrapbook Update}

PS – I’ll be contributing over there more often. Stay tuned!

And in the “oh cool” file, a student let me know this project now class is now open!

I’ll add posting more about it to my “do ASAP” list. Until next time – enjoy every moment of this hectic time of year!!

7 thoughts on “This time of year, it’s busy.”

  1. i’m with you 100% on the die cut machine topic. and i get the same comments about not owning one all the time. “you used to work at a scrapbook store, and you don’t have one!?” yep. and i’m perfectly happy. still, it’s nice to know i’m not alone. haha. :]

  2. When I first started scrapping, I did all my titles free hand. At the time I didn’t have a choice as I couldn’t afford to buy any tools. My friends thought that I was crazy but I’m really not a sticker person. I also enjoyed cutting my titles freehand. Now days I do have several die cut machines (Wizard, Big Kick, Cuttlebug & Quick Kutz Squeeze) as well as have a few alpha sets for each. The Quck Kutz Squeeze along with an alpha set was a Christmas gift from my BF this year. I find that having arthritis and it having progressed, it’s easier for me to use a die cut machine than to cut free hand. Every once in awhile I do tend to slip & cut freehand but then again I have way more options that way. Thanks for showing us the other side and that you don’t need the latest & greatest to create awesome layouts.

  3. You are a very busy girl ! I don’t know how you do it! I am so not ready !

    Love your projects as well and I agree you are great at layering !

  4. I have a TON of doe cut machines and I love them every one!! Love your peeks and cannot wait to see more. I am so happy for you guesting at JBS!! Congrats!!

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