give thanks blog hop #3: November decor

I don’t put up a lot of decorations for Thanksgiving. I think it’s largely because we almost never host it. But I had this bit of paper that was just perfect for a little something, and this family photo that had yet to be used…

So I pieced together a little (5×5) canvas to hang on the wall. The hooks in the top were already there – no doubt from some project I abandoned. I don’t know if I’ll take them out or add ribbon to tie through them and secure to the wall yet. It was fun to play with such a small surface and with the intent to hang on my wall each November.

I didn’t feel I needed to add in my own words- the ones on the paper were exactly what I wanted to say and this little piece will remind me how grateful I am for my happy little family each time I see it.

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8 thoughts on “give thanks blog hop #3: November decor”

  1. What a great idea! It looks fantastic. Now you have to make one for all the holidays & seasons so you can have revolving wall decor. In your spare time of course lol.

  2. That is so adorable! Perfect size for those little places you want something personal in. Thanks for the great idea!

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