Giving Thanks Blog hop #2: Tell her.

Do you have friends in your life that you’re grateful for? That make you laugh, that have been there for you, that mean a lot to you?

Do you tell them so?

Something I do (and keep meaning to blog about!) is my love of sending random notes and mail to cherished friends. Big or small, a letter or a gift, just something to send love to someone I treasure at an unexpected time. Today I’m excited because I’ve come up with a new twist on my “I love you, man” mail.

It all started with this perfume sample. It’s such a cute little card, and the sample inside has a spritzer even – it’s pretty nice for a freebie! That’s when I got the idea to turn the little card into a love note. I started by stitching (badly, I know but it’s ok) two hearts on the front sort-of along a black heart shape I had drawn onto it. In this case I didn’t want to cover up the name – because “happy” is just perfect for what I have in mind!

Inside I put glue over the stitching & added tinsel glitter. I also stitched a bit of pink ribbon and put down a super cute tag. Now my tiny gift is all ready – I just need to add my love note!

I know I’d love to get something like this in the mail from a friend, something sent purely to brighten my day. Now, this concept got me thinking. Could I make my own card like this? Why not!

Just figure out how thick you need it, fold to that size, and cut two slits in the binding to make your holder. Mine didn’t “hold” tight enough on this lip gloss so I added a ribbon to make it secure.

I will add a word on the front (bottom) + my love note once I know who’s getting this one. I think you could use this for tiny Christmas presents for anything from a roll of lifesavers to a chapstick, candy cane to travel size lotion. Personally I plan on having a few of these ready so that when I feel the desire to send out something little but special I’m prepared.

Because really – what friend doesn’t want to hear from you and get something telling her how fabulous she is, what a jewel she is in your life?

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10 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Blog hop #2: Tell her.”

  1. Too cute and the perfect little gift for all those people who make our day go smoother – will definately be trying some of these

  2. i’d been toying with the idea of wanting to be you when i grow up….this post totally sealed the deal. seriously.

    how freaking awesome is this?!?!?! if i wasn’t tired i’d start making one now….but i am definitely doing this for secret snowman gifts at work!! 🙂 thanks.

  3. ok i’m back because i just looked at it again…and am just giggling about how cute it is. it has so many of the greatest things ever – happy, stitching, glitter, lip gloss, and little presents for no reason. *swoon*

  4. So adorably cute ! Love them, and would love to find something like that in my mail box!

    Love the new header too, May !

    Happy you’re back from your visit 🙂

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