kits: welcome to my adventure!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! 1) that this class has gone from a dream of mine to reality and I get to teach it, 2) that I can finally talk about it and 3) that I’m getting fantastic e-mails from students already getting set up for it!!

I didn’t think I’d ever do another kits class (I did one a few years back), but one day a few months ago I had this moment of pure inspiration (and/or insanity… not totally sure) and I saw with perfect clarity how I could do an all new class that is totally different and it’s own thing – but still make it so people who didn’t take that class back in ’07 could play along and be 100% happy and satisfied too. No – I didn’t want a sequel, I wanted new and separate. I wanted bigger & better too…  


Apparently, it was indeed good inspiration (and not bad crazy) because quickly after I proposed it I heard back from Stacy J and before I know it we’re on the phone and planning this thing out!! Since I spoke to her back in July it’s been crazy – the response from kit club owners, as well as support of Big Picture has been fantastic and here we are – ready to get our kit adventure groove on. As I anxiously count down to class starting I’ll be sharing sneak peeks & fun stories – heck and even a few layouts & kit prizes for my blog readers here! First – a few q’s I’ve been getting a lot already –

So first of all what is a kit? Simply put, it’s collecting some scrapbook supplies that will work well together. In this class, we focus on what you can do with kits to create fabulous layouts. I’ve designed class (as I do all my classes) so that you can work with any supplies you may have in your stash – OR – of course any kits you might be hoarding as well! If you want me to enable you to purchase new supplies I’d be happy to help (wink) – but know it’s not a requirement or expected.

Another question I am getting a lot is “is this the crazy about kits class?” and the answer is NO! With two exceptions in the pre-class materials, this is an all new class. If you took the kits class I did a few years back you might recognize some of my base principles and rules for crafting with kits – but this is a totally different, all new class. I think you’re going to like it.

Finally (for today, at least) I’m asked “what if I don’t know how to put a kit together but I want to?” and the answer is this – there is an audio/visual presentation about putting kits together as well as some bonus pre-class material you can access the minute you register. It’s designed to help you prepare for class so that you can jump right in creating!! If that’s not enough – I encourage students to e-mail me before class with any questions or if help is needed getting a kit together. As I say in my pre-class presentation – I’m all about making this the best experience I can for you!!


Do you like this photo mask? I’m soooooo into photo masks now and it’s all thanks to Katie Pertiet of This particular design is in the digital kit she designed for class! Oh yes, you heard right – there’s a digital kit by (pixel goddess) Katie featured in one of the weeks – and everyone in class gets it. Crazy cool -right!? I’ll talk more about that, and why those of you scared of digital will be ok (you can just play with paper – relax!) in future. In meantime – if you can think of q’s or anything you’d like to ask me feel free! I’ll be here in-studio all weekend working on class…

7 thoughts on “kits: welcome to my adventure!”

  1. Read the blurb on BPS and the supply list – and promptly ordered 2 more monthly kits LOL. Thank goodness I really didn’t like one of the kits you used, or I might have bought ’em all! I’m just waiting for someone at BPS to get back to me on something then I’ll be getting all signed up.

  2. Oh – also meant to say I love that photo frame! You’re going to drag me kicking and screaming into hybrid scrapping, aren’t you miss M? LOL

  3. I am so excited about this class. I’ve signed up and have started to pull together some kits from my stash and am thinking I might just have to have a few new ones too!

  4. I watched the presentation and then put a kit together. I’m really happy with what I assembled; trouble is, when I try to think of photos to scrap with it I’m coming up blank. Guess I’ll have to look through my photos for some ideas (this is what you do May, right?) – sure hope I can figure something out so this experiment isn’t a failure LOL!

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