Recipe improv.

I made my (soon to be) 2 year old’s birthday cake tonight, and it was really painful to think about throwing out the scrap I’d cut off the top of the round to flatten it. My diet won’t allow me to eat all of that… if only there was something I could do with it. 

(insert lightbulb moment here)

I took it and mixed it up with the remnant of chocolate frosting left over. Once it was good and mixed (and crumby) I dumped it into the 2/3 full little container of Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream, mash it in, and re-freeze.


oh my. mercy me. I’m all verklempt. talk amongst yourselves.

The ramakin above, if you can’t tell is TINY. I’m going to have to ration this very carefully but it’ll be worth 20 extra minutes gym time tomorrow. Boy howdy.

Speaking of Recipes – it’s your last chance tosign up for my recipes class that starts today at Big Picture Scrapbooking! Class starts today – and the recipes are of the scrapbook nature so totally calorie-free!

7 thoughts on “Recipe improv.”

  1. Yes I can tell the bowl is tiny lol, but hey we have to have something yummy to reward all that good behaviour.

  2. Ahhhh . . . a person after my own heart. And what an ingenius idea, mixing all that yumminess into the ice cream.

    I’m suddenly feeling a big urge to drag out the ice cream and have a little “something”, but I’d better fight it back . . . at least until after the kids go to bed tonight. 😉 Then I can enjoy it in peace.

  3. “Ration” is not in my vocabulary when it comes to something that looks that good. Can’t have it in the house… ~(; / )

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