and it went a ‘lil somethin’ like this –

6a notice my friend/neighbor’s sister has her car parked in driveway. Suspect she’s there to watch the kiddo and my neighbor (Leslie) might be in labor (she’s 9mo pg), but of course dont’ ask. NEVER ask a woman about when she’s due! Log onto computer and see  that I got a facebook msg. confirming (from sister) – her water broke at 330am this morning!!

730a – out door. preschool drop. Target run.

820a- target run cut short by power outage! FYI – standing in a pitch black Target? scary. Lucky they have safety/back-up generator lights so I could see to make my exit. Oh yeah, and this affected ‘shopping row’ so my Michael’s, JoAnn, and Outlet Mall stops had to be canceled.

(insert working on new BIG Picture class, feeding kids, cleaning house here)

3pm – E throws a mother of a tantrum. I should say a two year old of a tantrum – it’s been close to a year since I’ve seen one like this!!! This includes her ripping my hair out, trying to gauge out my eyes, and being totally crazed. There is only one thing that will chill her and that is to literally chill her overheating body. A lukewarm/cool shower, five minutes, she’s back. (phew.)

4pm – Gym. Of course. I’ve become exercise/gym girl and I am loving it. more on that later.

5pm – costco. No samples anywhere = my girls served up extra cranky with side of attitude. They were paid off with hotdogs for dinner – something they consider a delicacy.

7p- try to work out time/place for GIJOE with one of my besties. Whenever I want to see a movie BAD and Jason won’t go (99.9% of time, by the way) I go with her.

730p – E suggests we go “pull on the baby to make – a him come out. It takes too long for a baby to go pop and be born”. She’s just obsessed with hospitals and wants to visit. I had to shut that down quick. We won’t be bothering the poor woman who just had a baby and LONG labor ever. WE can wait for her safe return home.

8pm – eldest, who should be beyond exhausted is still up and I’ve yet to start my ‘when kids go to sleep…’ work.

830p – get odd ‘come out and play’ text from man neighbor. I start to be skeeved out until he responds apologizing and telling me that he thought it was daddy-to-be texting him the baby/hospital update, not me. I laugh. a lot. It makes sense, and I’m very glad I didn’t have to shun the neighbor/perv I was starting to think he was. laughing more and making “hey pretty lady come outside” jokes with girlfriends now.

930p – another baby update. no baby yet. I feel for her. really I do.

1015pm – starting to blog because DANG IT!!! I keep trying to blog y’all and stuff keeps happening. Today has been one heckuva day – and I’m hoping tomorrow will be great – fabulous – because I will:

  • keep on working on new BIG class.
  • get set for BIG class to start Thursday – it’s recipes!!
  • figure out B-day cake for Rebecca dilemma.
  • do step class, full upper workout, AND zumba.
  • wrap becca’s bday gifts before they’re found
  • find out how baby boy is doing! (as of this minute momma is 9 1/2cm)
  • oooh – bake some stuff for new family of 4!!!
  • blog something with photos. seriously.
  • put next blog give away together.
  • more fabulocity. I just KNOW IT!!!

There you go – a day in my vida loca with Jason at work. It’s always just a bit nuttier when he’s gone.

6 thoughts on “and it went a ‘lil somethin’ like this –”

  1. Man, what a day!
    It’s typical isn’t it, that these days always come when your alone with the kids. It’s like they know…
    And I SO do not miss those tantrum days. My Kaia was very good at them. I think the little boy is practicing to be great too =(.
    Here to a better tomorrow!

  2. OMG – this completely sounds like our household, especially on the days that my hubby is working all day. We’re totally down with Costco hot dogs…and 2 year old tantrums these days.

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