it’s like this.

my laptop keyboard needs replacing. T,R,E,I,O, and all other keys on that row are not typing right… so I will only have connection via husband’s computer… so I won’t be on much until that is fixed. That’s why I’ve been missing the last few days – and while I’ll continue to be absent mostly.

I will pick the winner to the prize last week SOON. ( but it’s still open – last chance!)

In the meantime – my Recipes class is re-running at BPS – check it out here:

8 thoughts on “it’s like this.”

  1. May I am so sorry to hear of your computer troubles. They are the worst kind to have and so irritating!! Hope it is fixed soon!!

  2. Don’t you just hate it when your laptop acts up? Mine has been doing it’s share of that this year too. Too bad I’m so attached to it that I refuse to just buy a new one and retire this one! Luckily I have learned how to replace minor things like keyboards or repair keys on mine since the twins went through a major phaze where they would steal the keys and the keyboard would need to be repaired or replaced afterward. We actually bought spare keyboards after that so that now there is always a spare waiting for us. I wondered if that was a re-run of recipes or a new run, now I know it’s a re-run so I don’t have to sign up!

  3. Sorry to hear about your laptop.. I had one.. once. About a year and a half after I bought it, the motherboard went. So, now i am back to being at the desktop in the office. Signing up for your class tho!!! 🙂 Hope you get your computer fixed soon!!

  4. Is your class exactly the same as last year when it ran? I loved it last year.

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