rub-on (on) fabric

So I made a discovery last night. If you get a rub-on, well, rubbed-on to fabric then coat with generous (front and back) amount of sealant/adhesive it will be stuck on there good.


So I let it dry overnight and then this morning decided to play. I want to make super cool decor wall-hanging art-quilt things. Ah, but I’m a rookie in that department so I’ve been starting SMALL. Really small. Think 3 1/2 x 5″ oval embroidery hoop small.


After I marked here the fabric would be coming OUT of the back of hoop I got to work playing. I used bits of soft ribbon (instead of fabric) for this experiment. After all – it’s my first! See the black dots? Those are my ‘be inside here if you want it to show up’ marks.


In my experience with embroidery hoops stuff looks better if you put some batting behind the fabric to help ‘beef up’ the thickness. keeps it from getting all warbly and stuff. AFTER I had everything stitched on (good ‘ol needle + thread for those beads and such) I backed in batting and stuck in the hoop.


Then I added (thank you hot glue) lace around the edge and the flowers as well.


A fun experiment, and one I plan on trying more with rub-ons + fabric in future. Oh- and yes I did stitch around the birds body, and yep. Purely for decoration since he’s a rub-on and is stuck there already!

19 thoughts on “rub-on (on) fabric”

  1. May – thanks for sharing your latest home decor idea and item. I would not have thought to use rubons on fabric.!!

  2. This is so cute!!! I was also wondering “How do you think of these things!”

  3. Oh, my! May… this is so GORGEOUS! I’ve been wanting to give some embroidery hoop art a go. This was just the inspiration I needed!

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