meet tex.

I got a new machine. Well – I got a fantastic deal on a (barely) used machine at the local sew shop and upgrading to this from Matilda (aka old machine)? BEST THING I EVER DID!! Well, at least this month. We’re in the ‘howdy ma’am nice to meet you’ phase of the relationship. I took a 3hr beginner course on using him, so now we’re playing with me getting better at my (sorry lack of) sewing skills.


I’m working on a wall hanging for Miss E. Mostly it’s to experiment with ideas and how-do-I? ‘s floating in my head.


There is very little swearing or delay involved. Tex makes things easier for me. MUCH easier. He aims to please.

So, why the name Tex?

The machine is a brother (therefore boy)

This machine is being so kind to me and easy to use I’m thinking he’s a southern gentleman.

My sister and I used to have brother ponies (as in my little), and mine was named Tex.

Thus, Tex was named.

Have a great day – I’m going to try and play some more. I have a lot of ideas I’m working on and I WILL share them all!!

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  1. I have a Janome Machine. I used it a few times, but have never sewn on my lo’s. I don’t know.. I think it goes back to my kid days where my mother yelled at me for sewing with paper.. “It dulls the needles, and it is made for sewing fabric.” I did, however make Miss Brittany her duvet and sham for her bedroom.

  2. I have a Janome machine. I have yet to sew on my LO’s.. something with all the stuff my mother drilled in my head when I was a kid… I did, however, make Miss Brittany her duvet and sham for her bedroom!!

  3. Congrats on bringing Tex into your life! he sounds like a wonderful companion to spend your evenings and quiet afternoons with!


  4. I have a Brother NX250. I’ve only played with it a couple of times now but for somebody like me that is a beginner sewer it’s pretty easy to use. I love the fact that I don’t have to use a foot pedal and that it has this lever that I can push down & it’s threads the needle. What I need to do now is just start using it more often so that I’m more comfortable with the whole sewing thing.

  5. You are so funny, May! I love how you named your new sewing machine and how there is “very little swearing involved”!
    Tex is very handsom with that beautiful cobalt blue panel… do you think he would go for an “older” Singer? I could use a new “baby”…

  6. Hey, look who’s been a blogging fool while I’ve been swamped at work for 2 weeks with no time to check in, LOL! You name your sewing machines? I outta try that – this seasoned sewer has a shiny new Janome bought just for scrapbooking (although I certainly didn’t tell the salesman that); I am embarrassed to admit that although I’ve had it for months I still occasionally refer to the manual, indicative of how little sewing I’ve done. Your princesses are fetchingly lovely!

    I *love* your idea of a FUN wishlist, and am off to make my very own right now. A picnic, brunch on a patio and an open-air concert should get me started nicely – and I’ll join you in scrapping Disney, although in my case it’ll be Disney World. Thnks for the reminder to enjoy summer!

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