questions? answers? exciting stuff?!

Ok so here’s some answers as promised-

1. I love Prism Cardstock (watercolor paper texture – very good for printing out journaling and such), American Crafts (great product at fantastic price), and falling in love with Core’dinations (different core color) as well.

2. Kits won’t re-run (it’s been done 2x now), but recipes WILL be showing back up on BPS site soon, as well as 2 project nows, and I’m working up a new proposal as well…

3. single fave Fiskars tool… I love so many. The coastal craft knife, no5 microtip scissors, and apron lace border punches are top 3 currently.

4. I don’t have good organization of albums or photos. They’re not even really organized at all, in fact. I need to do something about that but since it cuts into fun time I put it off. (bad scrapbooker, I know!)


I set up as an address YOU can e-mail if you have any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts on As the summer progresses that might become a spot to e-mail entries for contests as well. Oh- and if you (or someone you know) should totally be considered as a guest for the site – please do shoot me a note!!!

I was on this site (won’t say what one!) the other day and thinking ‘dang, I wish they’d call on me!’ – and then I thought about how I needed to put a place out there on the web where you can be considered for the Fiskars site. Cool? I hope so!!!

Happy Wednesday all – more to come!!!

5 thoughts on “questions? answers? exciting stuff?!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got things under control this summer! Way to be organized. I’m impressed.

  2. My favorite fiskars tool(s) – my scissors and border punches (I have 3). I, too, love the AC cardstock. It’s in my Mosh Posh kits. Me.. alittle OCD, my pics are for the most part organized as are my albums. 😉

  3. You are a busy, busy gal!

    Sometimes, it is better to be super busy than not at all !

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