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When traveling years ago I used to just pick up something to read at the airport. What would I find? What would appeal? Would it be any good? The adventure was half the fun. Heck- that’s how I discovered the Shopaholic series, so it was a successful system. I so rarely got to read at home meant that travel time was when I’d read. (in planes, hotels, down time at my parent’s place…)

These days I read at home a lot, so I have ‘to be read’ books hanging around as well as ‘i want’ lists on just waiting for me to have time to read. My point? I’m preparing for a trip and trying to figure out what to bring! I avoid hardcovers as they just weigh a ton in my backpack and I always regret it. I have to bring a variety of authors and genres and at least 2 books more than I think I’ll read. Why? 1) I’m a moody reader and 2) I like options.

So right now I’m figuring out what books I must bring and read (I’ll be sure to let you know) for my upcoming short trip to Colorado. Of course I got distracted in my quest by thinking ‘what would I recommend to someone else traveling?’ and I thought I’d share that list here today.

Want some sugar-sweet, pure 100% girly goodness romance? (sigh) Nora Roberts new book was supposed to be for my trip but I got sucked in and LOVED it. So the cutest, sweetest hero I’ve read in a long time too.

nora vision

If you are in the mood for a screwball adventure/comedy with mob hits, a heroine that is good in the kitchen (both defending herself and cooking), and a big cast of great characters:


Wanting to laugh outloud and read something high in snarky, battle of the bulge hilarious goodness? Jen Lancaster has a new book out (Pretty in Plaid), but not having read that one yet + loving on paperbacks means I’d tell you to take one of my favorite reads of 08-


Finally today might I suggest for murder mystery with a stylish twist – the Crime of Fashion series is super funny!! I’ve read the first two and I just realized I should read more. Based in Washington DC and full of memorable characters this is fun stuff.

killer hair

Ok, so if I was on a plane those are some of my suggestions… what are some of yours? I’ll be making up my list of what to pack and share soon as I can decide!

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  1. just finished the new nora, I admit I’m a total sucker for anything by her. Now I’m going to check out Agnes and the hitman on audible to listen to on my ipod. FYI I highly recommend audible if you like to listen to books.

  2. I just finished reading the Christine Feehan Ghost walkers series…good reading…her Drake sisters series is good as well.

    The last book i read was the new sookie stackhouse book…i was disappointed it in but love the series!

    I am currently reading Lover Avenged by JR Ward…

    I have the new Percy Jackson The Last of the Olympians by Rick Riordan to read..great audio books to listen while driving too..

    i have the 2 new Kerrelyn Sparks books just out to read as well

    I love books and try to read everyday. I am so glad i am a fast reader! LOL

  3. Those all look good – I just finished a series of vampire books – they are funny by Erin McCarthy – its a Vegas vampire series . Enjoy!!!

  4. I’ll have to add them to my library list. Seems I have Nora on there but not that one? Hmmm , must check it out!

  5. May,

    I so love the Sister Chicks book series by Robin Jones Gunn. Each book is an adventure between two friends. They are funny and heartwarming and I can’t seem to put them down. In each book, I always find characteristics of myself and can relate with at least one of the characters.

  6. Hmmm let me see what’s on my ipod since I tend to do mine in audiobook format. Looking for something meaningful then try “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”, looking for a cute easy read try “Bet Me” by Jennifer Cruisie.

  7. I just bought the new Sookie book, so I’m a little prejudiced. Everything I want is on hardcover right now. However, I enjoyed a paperback series a few months ago called “Dead End Dating” It’s really cute!

  8. Have you tried any of the Jennifer Weiner books? They are fun, easy, “beach” reads. Have a great trip!

  9. i always love hearing your recommendations. i need to stock up on new book options because i’m planning to do lots of reading in hawaii & on the flights.

    have you read the emily griffin books? i’m thinking about picking up the first one… i think it’s “something borrowed”. i keep seeing it featured at target. i’m sure i’ll eventually add it to my cart. :]

    on my last trip to the bookstore, i picked up “belong to me” by marisa de los santos because i enjoyed “love walked in”, which was the first book. i also recently picked up “comfort food” by kate jacobs because i really liked “the friday night knitting club”. i’m waiting for “knit two” to come out in paperback before i pick it up.

    i can’t think of any others right now…

    p.s. what part of colorado are you going to?

  10. All part of the experience of visiting a new place, I often try to pick up a new author to take when I travel, particularly if I can find something set in the place I’m going. I first discovered McGarrity when I went to New Mexico, and every time I read a new novel by him it takes me back to that trip; of course it helps that they’re set in NM. If I don’t have time before I go I often check the airport bookseller when I land; often they feature local authors. I also like to browse for local home & garden mags when I travel.
    I haven’t read these yet, but I might check out the Candy Shop Mysteries by Sammi Carter – set in small town, CO – for a light read.
    I was just introduced to Linda Palmer’s Daytime Mysteries this w/e, which I’m quite enjoying. Set in the millieu of daytime soaps in NYC, and a bit more realisitc than a lot of fluffy mysteries, but still light. I think the first book Love is Murder is out of print (library maybe?); I’m reading the 2nd called Love Her to Death.
    For options, I might also pack Angels & Demons by Dan Brown; loved The Da Vinci Code, and want to read this before I see the movie.
    A book that I absolutely loved from a few years ago was The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans, who also wrote The Horse Whisperer (also a great read). In Smoke Jumper the guys fight forest fires in Montana; not Colorado, but that’s what made me think of it.

  11. I so enjoyed Vision in White also. I’m curious to see what the other “Bride” books will be like.

    I loved Jennifer Weiner’s books Good in Bed and Certain Girls, and now I’m in the middle of her Remember Me? and like it also. Very easy, fun reads.

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