is that a tat design?

In passing, Jason and I had talked about my idea for a tattoo design (for him) and I’d forgotten all about it. Last night he came in my studio and was checking out my idea notebook very closely. He didn’t look too thrilled at what I was working on and seemed a bit confused. “Why would I tattoo solio on myself with waves?” he asked.


“uh, you wouldn’t. Actually I’d forgotten about that because I got so into this new project. Are you looking at my idea notebook? That’s for a class I’m working on Mr. Nosy pants! That’s for a scrapbook, not a tattoo. Oh, and that says SOLID, as in solid color not designed.”

“ok” he replied. “That’s cool though.” and walked out.

So goes another session of ‘whatcha doin’ May’. What I’m doing now is the very slow and methodical work of craft knife + design cutting…


8 thoughts on “is that a tat design?”

  1. Wow May what talent you have. I would not even think to do something like that.

  2. HaHa!! That’s a cute story. Are you working on a new BPS class? I’ve taken your last 2 and they were great. Right now, I’m doing Lain’s LOAD challenge. Working on a Disneyland album and I find myself doing the 3 on the side (vertical or horizontal) with maybe a few smaller accent photos. Which I realized from your recipe class was my favorite.

  3. Love your creativity! The waves would be a cool Tat, but I would leave “SOLID” or “SOLIO” part off! (hee)

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