A question for you: what would you do with this (1yard) fabric?


It’s so girly and I love it sooo much. But what to do? Somehow it doesn’t seem right as an apron or skirt. But it’s such pure glam girl fabric I want something for ME. arg.

a purse?

a pillow case? (no… I have too many)

I’m stumped!!! input, please?!

30 thoughts on “wwyd?”

  1. That is adorable!! You could alter a journal with it, make tie backs for curtains, make a scarf, a little pin cushion, depding on the chair in your scrap area you could make a cover or accent for it, use it with a few others to make a wall quilt, cut out your name in letters from it and mount it in a frame to hang, TONS of ideas to do….oh you could make a fabric basket! or a basket liner for your scrap area too!!

  2. i think it would be cute as a table cloth or cover on a round table in your scrapping room!

  3. I think it would make a great Doll House set (i assume with 2 little girlys you have a doll house)- Curtains, sheets, mini pillows, table cloth.. Or if it’s for Mom, you could get a plain scrapbook cover or even one you don’t like the cover of and give it a make over… cover it and not only make pretty on the inside, but make the cover all you 🙂

  4. My vote is to get a denim jacket and attach it to the inside as a lining. then you could “wear” it without wearing it. If your girls have demin jackets you could line theirs, too

  5. How about some fun shaped pin cushions or sachet’s? I’m thinking you could cut around the fun designs and use those as the starting point for your shapes and then go to town! Decorate them with coordinating ribbons and buttons! How cute!!!!

  6. Have you seen the super cute pleated apron (sort of a half apron – bottom part only) in the Amy Butler In Stitches book? I think this material would be perfect! You could use a solid color (hard to tell fromt he picture, but maybe pink or blue) for the trim and ties. The apron has a cute little pocket and a little loop for a towel (or whatever) as well. I know you said you weren’t sure about an apron, but that little pleated apron is absolutely FABULOUS and could be perfect as a crafting or baking apron!

  7. How about a small tote (not burse)? Cushion cover (not pillow)? Any left over you can cut out the indiviual motifs to make tags, bookmarks, add to scrapbook pages or sell in your etsy store.

  8. Make the girls tote purses with special pony pockets that they can take places with them. or use the fabric to cover some old photo box’s and put some dress up jewlrey in it. could be diffrent and fun.

  9. I took was thinking a cute tote bag when I saw the paper or to alter something. It is adorable!!!

  10. I think that cute fabric would make a nice wall hanging/organiser for your Creative Room! I would start with a heavyweight fabric in a coordinating color… finish the bottom and side edges and fold the top back and under to create a place to slide a wooden dowel or yardstick through (for stability). The design isn’t all over enough to make the pockets have the design all the way across, so I would take a printed area of the fabric, fold it back so it is doubled and cut a pocket sized for something you want to store there. Stickes? Lay the folded fabric over a few bottles to measure, add some seam allowance and cut. Fold the raw edes under and stitch three sides down…. make study loops to hang scissors or whatever you want to hang on the wall near your work area. Some pockets would look cute with a little bouquet of pink silk flowers “blooming” out the top! Make a strap of the fabic to attatch to the dowel/trimmed wooden yardstick or to the back of the coordinating heavier fabric, then make a pretty girly bow to put at the top where it is hanging from. I can see it in my mind, and I hope I described the idea clearly! I want to see what you end up doing with it!

  11. how about a purse or a overnight bag….don’t know a thing about sewing but how cute would this be going to grandmas with this cute little bag.

  12. i do the same thing way too often. i find a cute fabric, and with no logical reason to purchase it, i just buy 1 yard because i can’t resist. it’s laughable how many little pieces of cute fabric i have that i have no intention of really using.

    one thing that i do plan to make is a little bedside organizer thing. i think i saw in the book “in stitches” by amy butler? i don’t have a bed frame, so it will work with my bed pretty easily. basically it just has some pockets and then it slides in between the two parts of the mattress (don’t know the technical name for the bottom part?) and hangs down. you can keep a book in there, tv remote (or computer remote in my case), an ipod, phone, etc. etc. i think it will help me hopefully keep my night stand a little more clutter free if i actually ever make the darn thing. you could easily adapt this into something for your studio, to hang off the desk maybe? just a little pocket organizer thing. i don’t know though… that fabric might be too cute for that purpose. heeee!

  13. p.s. have you ever seen that little sign in britex that says something to the effect of “you don’t expect the stamp collector to actually use his stamps to mail things or the coin collector to actually use his coins for a purchase, so why do you expect me to use my fabric?”
    my mom and i were laughing so hard. :]

  14. I say make a wallet or a minipurse that you put inside a regular purse. Then it’ll make you smile when you take it out.

  15. It’s adorable. I think it would make great front panels on a vest with a pink fabric back and pink piping! You could also use some with more pink piping for a band on a straw hat. Would be a great summer outfir with a white cotton blouse and a blue jean skirt.

  16. Hey, I like Erin & Lisa’s ideas! Bu what I immediately thought of was fussy cutting those cute motifs out and using them as the centre square of bigger blocks (eg Ohio Star) – then you could make a quilt out of this small amount. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!

  17. Why not use it as a curtain cover up for a bookshelf in your studio. You could also use it for a background for cards or even cover a scrapbook/journal with it. too cute.

  18. Lots of great ideas for this FAB fabric. I like the idea of a curtain in your creative area .. or a cute bag. I would definitely frame some of it to hang on the wall no matter what you make with it 🙂

  19. My vote would be a pillow case for Rebecca’s Conker Cancer campaign. Some little girl would think that is wonderful. If you didn’t have time to make it, I would do it for you.

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