mid-week fun.

Ok, so I totally got a SURPRISE when this box showed up:


I know. It’s all the Fiskars CHA releases for next week. I’m shocked, excited, and totally bowing to goddess, friend, and boss Steph. So yesterday I was busy fighting my printers. The one just won’t print… the other is taking photos and totally distorting how they look. Like majorly washed out and/or color crazy off. (insert me ripping hair out here)

ANYWAY. After a few hours I gave up and settled for this photo


turned black and white (and washed out) because I couldn’t wait any more to use the FABULOUS new Heidi Grace forever love line.


I’m telling myself the washed out photo can pass as ‘arty’ and I’ll pretend it’s on purpose.


SOOO PRETTY AND FUN! I love that stamp I used (Kimberly Poloson ‘nature’s flora- tapestry) and I’ll be working up lots more fun. Oh- and yep. That’s the upper crest border punch in action. (swoon) Everyone needs that punch.

I’ve got a  new border punch to give away… soon… (wink)

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  1. Wonderful layout! Washed out photo or not she has such a sweet smile on her face. I can’t believe the box of goodies you got. If I opened something like that I would think that I died & gone to heaven.

  2. yes, may, i would have to say artsy….looks like you created that picture perfectly for that layout which is just beautiful.

  3. What a generous box of goodies! CUTE lo, and yes, I need the “Upper Crest Border ” punch!
    Congrats on your win, Michelle!

  4. I think the washout look is great with the colors you chose. And yes that line is awesome, just about everything they have sneak peaked is drool worthy. Lucky you that box of goodies is to die for. I can’t wait to see the new lines in the stores. Hopefully they’ll carry a good selection. Can’t wait to see what you do with all your new goodies.

  5. It’s good to have friends in high places!! The photo is perfect with the new HG papers. love it!

  6. May – WOW what fun to have such friends. I cant image getting a box like that to play with. I am LOVING the upper crest border punch. I think that I really DO need this since I have such a border punch addiction!!

  7. I am drooling on my computer right now!! What an amazing box! I also love, love, love your layout…and that picture! What a great pic of Rebecca – adorable curls!

  8. wonderful LO I love that Heidi Grace line, Rebecca is such a cutie, I cant believe how big shes getting:)

  9. How lucky you are to get these papers early. Kimberly Poloson always has beautiful papers. Your photo looks great and the layout is fabulous!!!!!!
    Maxine #2981

  10. Holy Moly….are you one lucky girl!!! Rebecca is such a cutie patootie, how could you have a bad picture of her. Absolutely fabulous layout too!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful – BOTH your daughter and the layout! I wish I had half your talent. My saving grace is that scraplifting isn’t a crime. What an awesome job and boss you have, to get goodies like that! I got a “green energy” windmill calendar from my boss. Yes, it’s the exciting world of electricity at its finest! Can’t complain though, it pays the bills and keeps me in scrapbook supplies!

  12. Wow awesome box of goodies May! You lucky girl. Personally I thought the picture was great either way! It sucks when the printer won’t do what you want it to! The layout is AWESOME!

  13. that’s like heaven in a box lol.
    I love the layout – that wonderful new border punch (is it upper crust?) hummm I see a new favourite for 2009 .

  14. The picture may be washed out but the child is darling so who cares! Grandmothers love those pictures!

  15. may! i love the page!
    oh and the photo… it totally works. i have a few in that category too. i swear i might throw the photo printer out the window one of these days. the stupid red ink is still giving me fits. : /

  16. Oh pick me! Pick me!

    I just registered for you Sesons class. I’ll miss a few days as I am helping the US economy for the next 2 weeks but I’ll be back for the online crop.

    Love the new stuff and your layout. Can’t wait!

  17. She’s as cute as a button and it’s easy to see why you cherish her so. The layout is beautiful- I’m loving that border punch!

  18. Luv luv that new paper line……..and how nice to open a box full of goodies like that…….you have one heck of a boss!

  19. Great box of goodies you got huh! And what an absolutely adorable LO. That picture is perfect with that paper line. Just perfect! PS. Rebecca has a great smile

  20. How soon is soon???? I’d love to win it! I’ll punch like crazy for this.(right now I don’t own any border punches)

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