I’ve forever been a mix-match, whatever I’ve got I’ll make work kind of girl for my craft space. That said, over the years it’s gotten more and more difficult to function efficiently and have good flow to my work station.

The other day in costco we noticed the 8″ long work bench (meant for a garage, no doubt) was back… and I took the plunge. Here’s what we’ve got going so far:


my trusty ikea desk will stay where it is (you can see a corner of it all cluttered up) but now this table will act as sewing, crafting, computer, and all around awesomeness station. Since it’s only 24″ deep this is a MUCH better fit for my narrow room. Since I’ve got a break in crafty-deadlines I figured there won’t be a better time for this project.

It goes without saying- I had to make an insane mess elsewhere to make this fit… and now I’m going to work on cleaning that mess and getting back in order!

I’ll be back to post more photos and choose the (punch) winner soon…

15 thoughts on “table”

  1. Nice find! That’s perfectly wide enough for a printer and laptop and other stuff that you don’t want to coat in glitter, adhesive, etc!

    Have fun organizing!

  2. That desk looks great for working on…show us some pics when you are finished organising…I am in desperate need of organisational inspiration!!! Hugs Kirsten

  3. that is seriously the perfect crafty table! i’m in the same process of trying to sort out “stations” in my room for sewing, printing, and then actual crafting of course. a nice long table like that is really ideal. i’m so ready for the organization process to be over, but i think i have quite a bit left to do. can’t wait to see how it looks when you have it all loaded up! just having the newly reconfigured space will probably serve as inspiration itself. :]

  4. good choice! Like the ideal that you can slide storage units under it like I do my 6ft table.

  5. Love the table a great choice for a narrow room. . . as always thinking outside the box is good.

  6. that looks like some great workspace for your craft room! Are you going to post another pic when you have it all set?

  7. That table is a really good find. I too have a mess to clean up in my scraproom after making all of my gifts for Xmas. There is no time like the present, so I’m off to do it.

  8. Oh it fits perfectly, it was made for your room. Sometimes you just have to take advantage of what Costco has or else it just plum disappears on you. Oh and please don’t remind me that I should be cleaning my space. Ugh!

  9. A good looking table for a garage or a scraproom. I am sure when you get done, it will look all pretty. I still have to use my dinning room table for my craft area but it works.

  10. Your room is coming together beautifully! It looks like such a happy space to work in. Those tables are great for stand up work stations too. TFS!

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