a struggle.

to post or not to post, that is the question.

When I get in one of these frenzies (ahem, as I currently am) I hesitate to post “be back in a few days” because honestly that feels so lame it’s like it’d be better to simply not post at all. So much is going on but it’s all now too stale to blog and my brain has too many thoughts to focus on creating a blog idea.

So yes here I am. I’ve got a bunch of crazy deadlines, to-do’s, and other assorted projects that I’m focusing on right now, and that’s where I’m at and what has my attention diverted. I shall return friends, with photos and much more interesting posts. Soon.

11 thoughts on “a struggle.”

  1. Happy New Years May. Take some time off, after all of all the blogs i read you really are the most regular at updates. Thanks for that, enjoy some family time.

  2. No worries! You kept me & the kids busy and laughing for quite a while with your link to Meg’s blog~ we are a “cat” family, and the top 10 cat videos of 2008 had us meowing for more, so we kept looking at cute kitties on You Tube… thanks! Take a blog break and we’ll be here when you’re ready~bye for now : )

  3. Happy New Year! We do Miss you! Hope things settle down soon. And the craziness wears down and you can savor a cup of tea or better yet some chocolate!

  4. May – I saw one of your layouts in the current Jan/Feb Memory Makers. Beautiful as always. Funny how a blog connects you to others. You’ve shared so much I sort of feel like I know you and felt “proud” to see one of my “friends” work in one of my favorite magazines. I spotted your beautiful daughters immediately! In your busy-ness, don’t forget to take time for YOU. Happy New Year!!!

  5. Do what you need to do. We’re here so you can let off some steam or just to relax. Plus we’ll always be here. Does that scare you? Ha, Ha, just kidding.

  6. Although we miss it when you don’t blog, we totally understand. I don’t know how you do all that you do especially having 2 little one’s to entertain too. Hope life returns to normal soon.

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