bye 2008!

 I’m crafting up a storm here, finishing up layouts for my BPS class starting in just 30 days. So I’m doing a lot of thinking back of 2008, and I am in awe at how very much went down. This is indeed a year to remember. My walk down memory lane at this moment must be short- work calls- but I’m going to direct you to two FABULOUS posts that made my day yesterday:

Meg Cabot (oh how I love her) summed up some great ’08 points and movies as only she can.

Cathy Z talks about being ‘puffy’, and I’m right there with her! I’m down 25lbs since this time last year, but it should be more, lots more and I’m a workin’ on it!!

I’m back to work- don’t get too wild!

7 thoughts on “bye 2008!”

  1. Thanks for sharing those blog posts. Congratulations on being 25 lbs down. That’s awesome!!!

    That’s my goal — to lose 25 lbs before I turn 40. I have 10 months to do it. Time to say good-bye to 15 lbs of baby weight (since the baby turns 2 in 11 days) and the other 10 lbs that aren’t her fault.

    So excited for your class in 30 days!!!

  2. What do you mean May, I only have 30 days in which to craft my amazing pre-class assignment for your class? YIKES I’d better get to work! Especially since this time I’ll be out from under the crunch of the christmas crafts!

    Loved the Meg Cabot blog, I am going to have to check that out more often.

    As for the weight thing I think I’ve finally reached my “maintain” point. Not that I really enjoy being 145-150 pounds but I’ve learned now (at almost 35) that that is about as good as it gets for me. Genetics work against me in that department. But one thing I learned on my weight loss journey that I started two years ago was that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone pushing me to lose the weight. I was 183 pounds two years ago just 5 short months after my twins were born having put on 30 pounds during my pregnancy mostly due to the fact that I was having twins and that I was on bedrest for pretty much all of the pregnancy. I’d tried TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), Weight Watchers, South Beach and Atkins and found that the diet part just wasn’t enough for me so I tried a different approach. I used an online program called Spark People (google it, LOL) and signed up for Curves. Both were great for me. Since I was paying for a fitness membership I was forced to go and go I did every morning while my husband got ready for work at the ripe hour of 5am. I’d work out while the kids slept and he got ready for work. They tracked what I lost in both pounds and inches and gave me the inspiration I needed to take the weight off. Now that we’ve moved I don’t have Curves but I do make a point to do as much physical stuff as possible to maintain my current weight. Stairs help alot and then I take the boys out in the jogger too. Anyhow good luck with taking some of the weight off!

  3. Congrats on the 25lb lose. You should be proud of yourself. Although it’s not your goal, you’ve at least made an effort in the right direction. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot “less” of you in 2009. lol

    Happy New Year!

  4. I hear ya on the need to lose the weight. I’m down 13 pounds from September…but still have about 15 more to go. Sniff. I was doing SO well…and then my husband decided to bake. Not that it’s entirely his fault! 😉 Best of luck this year!!!

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