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We’ve been under the weather here, but still doing lots of family holiday fun stuff. Here’s what I did with our santa photo this year:


Just two chipboard hearts, some german glass glitter from, and a cheap frame & charm (I cut the loop off of him) from the craft store. It was quick & simple- but makes the perfect Santa photo frame to display!


I layered liquid adhesive and various colors of glass glitter (white, red, silver). The chipboard hearts are stuck down with liquid adhesive too.


If you’re wondering how I came to be in the girls Santa photo… well I didn’t want to be nor  was I ready (hence the glasses on my head and purse in my arm). However, the girls wouldn’t go near him. Rebecca burst into big tears and Elizabeth wouldn’t speak- she just made animal noises at him. Ah but I think that makes for an even better memory and I’ve already scrapbooked it!

Have a wonderful Tuesday- and get out there and do something just a little crafty. It’s fun- I promise!

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  1. congrats to the winners!

    I am going to go buy that book, I just saw it at Target for $5.99. How can you go wrong? Maybe my DH can put it in my stocking. Of course, he doesn’t take hints very well. Cute Santa photo by the way, love the frame.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Have fun reading and playing with your new stuff.

    Cute Santa picture. The edges of the frame almost look like crushed candy cane. Cool!

  3. I love this frame and picture. A co-worker’s grand-daughter has the same reaction to Santa.

    Cute story. She’s 3. She saw Santa at the mall then the following week there was a Santa at an event to make gingerbread houses. She walked up to him as close as she would allow herself. Then she stared at him. Later she walked over to her grandma and has “Grammy, that isn’t the same Santa”. She had to explain about all the helpers because he is so busy at this time of year.

  4. Congrats to the winners!
    Your Santa frame looks great. I’ve never used glass glitter, but I read on the Maya Road blog that it really is sharp, and to keep away from children. Is that your experience, May?

  5. What an adorable little frame!! Too cute and how funny about the Santa pic! My son wouldn’t go near Santa this year, not even with me next to him!!

  6. oh my gosh may! that is a fabulous story! seriously. i think it’s awesome that you are in there with them. and i love the way elizabeth looks in the photo. so super cute. :]

  7. We had a year like that. It’s an absolute great photo and yours is too. You’ll remember it forever! When they are older, they’ll laugh and you’ll have a great story to tell them. Great frame!!

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