a monday gift…

Who couldn’t use a happy present this Monday?


Working with Fiskars (www.fiskarscrafts.com) sometimes I have some extras… I thought I’d share the Christmas-y goodness with one of you! Just leave a comment with something festive you’re doing this week and I’ll draw a winner soon. Winner has been drawn and announced. More prizes soon to come!

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  1. That looks like some fun goodies! Today I get to do something festive! We are all going out to lunch for our company Christmas party and then doing a Yankee swap and having cake back at the office! It’s pretty fun!

  2. Festive? Let’s see – today is ice skating holiday exhibition that Lila is in, tomorrow is the school holiday concert, wednesday – orchestra party and friday is Ella’s winter party at school. On my list the biggest thing is getting ready for Hanukkah – gifts, crafts and recipes. Ummm, yummy latkes 🙂

  3. LOVELY Gift!!!
    I will be finishing up a mini album gift for our son, and making a couple more tote bags for my Mom (for her mail, groceries, etc.).

  4. Those Christmas products look so fun! I’m lacking in the Christmas-y type scrapbook supplies. But I love Christmas and this week I’m getting into the spirit by baking Christmas cookies with my girlfriends…we are all sharing our favorite recipes and showing each other how to make them. Plus, a little ornament exchange too.

  5. Lat evening I attended a friends Christmas party and we are going to my husband’s work party on Wednesday. Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome products. Happy Holidays!

  6. I just finished getting some things ready to mail off! Finally got the post office site to co-operate and print my shipping labels! grrr.

    Gotta get doing some chores now, kids will be home before I know it. Going to work on my cards, hopefully tonight. I’m about to give up and send store bought cards.

    Can’t get rid of this crud I have either..feel ick!

  7. This week I am mailing out some happy mail and finally today I will have a chance to put my tree up. I know, I can’t believe it’s not up yet!

  8. Lots of great festive fun going on at our house. We will be making Gingerbread Houses, watching my daughter perform in the Nutcracker and finishing up our Christmas cookies. Now if I can just figure out a way to skip my full-time day job……

  9. Tomorrow I am going to my son’s school to watch him and his class do their play about the Birth of Baby Jesus…festive to me as this is what Christmas is all about. Have a great week!

  10. I will be making brownies. Not a big deal to many but if you know me – the worst cook on this surface of the earth – it is a BIG deal. Nothing fancy. I am using one of those ready mix in a box. Just want to have a little fun with my kids (3 and 6) – cracking eggs and stiring the mixture. And they would think “Mom can bake!”. Yes!. Happy Holidays to you.

  11. Well this week it’s Christmas in force! We went out for a drive last night to look at all the lights and today I’m taking my daughter’s brownie troop caroling, tomorrow I’ll be baking cookies and on friday my daughter’s class is making gingerbread houses and I’ll be helping! I’m also making snowman soup and reindeer chow packets for her classmates.

  12. I am doing our annual cookie exchange and chaperoning my son’s field trip to Nutcracker Sweets. Fun, eh?

  13. This week we’re going to our twins’ voice recital and having our cub scouts make ornaments and sing dinosaur carols!

  14. awwwww! this is so nice of you!
    festive plans for this week include two get-togethers with friends, holiday shopping, wrapping and mailing of gifts with my husband, volunteer present wrapping for an organization that supports children of incarcerated parents, and also finishing up an blanket i’m crocheting as a gift. yikes – time is running out! oh and christmas cookie baking too I think. and gathering items for documenting the daily december album i hope to make this year. phew.

  15. What a festive give away!!! This week we are going to Lights at the beach. Making the ginger bread houses. Tomorrow is one of my son’s Christmas party at school. (I am one of the room moms. Lot’s of fun stuff planned) Thursday is the my other son’s party. And right now I am taking a break from wrapping gifts. Whew!!! And it is 70 degrees.

  16. I am hoping to do one Christmas thing each day with the kiddos. Let’s day day 1) clothespin reindeer 2) outdoor lights show 3) sugar cookie decorating 4) Dough ornmanets 5) iceskating- still need to find some used skates for this one. Only one kiddo has a pair this year 6)xmas baking

  17. Kids had “nisse-fest” (=gnome-party!) at day care today. And at work there was the yearly Christmas lunch! Fun all around.

  18. May – What awesome fun goodies you have for us. I am getting packed up to leave for my inlaws for the Xmas holidays. So lots of last minute details!! This package would definitely brighten my day!!

  19. We are giving our family a basement completion. Best of all I will have an actual place down there for
    SCRAPBOOKING!!!!!! That is the present to myself.

  20. I’m going to the Harley Davidson museum on Wednesday to see the Christmas displays and out to dinner w/ friends. I’m excited since the museum is new and I haven’t been there at all…

  21. I am doing a little handmade gift for our Kindergartner’s teachers each day this week. They are so good for him (you know, keeping him alive and everything, LOL!) and we want to show them how special they are to our family this year.

    BTW, I just picked up that book you had in your last post and plan to bust into it while I get my hair colored this afternoon, 🙂 Thanks for posting yummy stuff like books along with all the scrappiness.

  22. WOW that’s alot of goodies! I have to finish putting up Christmas stockings and the christmas tree.

  23. Beautiful goodies you are sharing!

    I’m wrapping gifts, decorating cookies with my kids and some friends of our family, making a gift for my grandmother, and sending out some additional holiday cards.

  24. I’m doing some of my shopping today and going to a small Christmas Party dinner. What a way to start the week!

  25. Every year we visit Macy’s (formerly Marshal Fields and Daytons) 8th Floor Holiday Display Exhibit in Downtown Minneapolis. Oh it is a magnificent site! This year’s theme is Santas Elfs – every

  26. Yes, a very nice happy present that pile of goodies would make on any day! This week brings the shool Winter Bazaar, my son’s class Holiday Party and the baking of Gingerbread cookies here at home… fun time of year!

  27. I could definatly use a happy present…its finals week. =/ . Pharmacology, microbiology, and Nursing. This week, after finals, I am going to finally bake my Christmas cookies (it was looking as if they were going to be new years cookies).

  28. This week is dedicated to the festive art of cleaning for my in-laws who are coming to visit for the holidays.

  29. This week I plan to get my wrapping and baking done. If I get that far, I will probably start my cleaning!

  30. Hi May!!! Making some tags for those presents I bought!!! It should be easy!! I already have some of the images stamped!!! It’s just glueing (sp??) time!! Thanks for the great RAK!!!

  31. Such wonderful goodies! Our house is abuzz with Christmasness- I just mailed off packages and now it is time to bake gingerbread, sand tarts, and sugar cookies, make the homemade crackerjacks and lots of quickbreads for family and friends. Hope your holiday season is going well-Merry Christmas!

  32. we’re going to the Nutcracker on Sunday…but even more exciting, my daughter turns two on Thursday, and Bennett’s preschool “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party is Friday. What a fun season!

  33. I finished Christmas cards yesterday & this week will be making some Christmas gifts including 2 scrapbooks. It’s nice when I’m home alone as I can crank the Christmas tunes while I work cuz that doesn’t happen while my dh is home.

  34. I am driving children on the school bus to the Alabama Theater (very old and grand!!) for a day of Christmas movies, popcorn and cokes! The Alabama Theater has been recently restored to its original beauty and the Christmas decorations are beautiful!

  35. I just had a wonderful baking day with my three sisters, my mom, my aunt andmy grandma. My kitchen is a mess but it was so fun and special.

  36. We are taking my daughter to the courthouse to see the Christmas lights and Santa on Thursday. We would have done it tonight but the weather outside has gotten frightful…cold, sleet and freezing rain!

  37. Tomorrow night we are off to hear our boys perform in their Jazz band Christmas concert at the mall. And then it is suppose to start snowing! I bet that school will be canceled. I am loving all the decorations but am already looking forward to spring (LOL)! Thanks for the great giveaway..

  38. The high school foods class that I teach have been making gingerbread houses last week and by Wed. they will be done and on display. Their creations are amazing and I love the sense of pride I see in these kids. I love knowing that they will have something they made on display at their home this Christmas.

  39. Something festive… bake some cookies on Saturday. I can’t have too many around so could not bake too early either.

    And although not too “festive”, getting my hair done Saturday morning just in time for Christmas.

    Lovely goodies May. We all appreciate your generosity.

  40. YOWZA, May! That’s alot of “extra” Fiskars! Because I work for a utility company, my “extras” consist of light bulbs and weather striping. Ah, but it pays the bills… My son and I have a date tomorrow night after work and school to make our annual Village building purchase. Every year, he chooses a lighted building to display which has grown into a 17-building village. He has a coffee house, a movie theatre, a tree house (very clever choice a few years ago), a toy shoppe…we’ll see what he chooses tomorrow. Some day when he’s grown and has (hopefully) a family of his own, he’ll be able to display his village in his own home over the holidays. Next year he’ll be 18 and off to college, so I’m feeling a bit emotional about the whole thing. Their childhood goes by fast, May!

  41. I am putting out the snowmen and trimming the tree! Later we’ll go for a tour of the nighttime Christmas lights!
    Great gift!

  42. Haven’t made out my Xmas cards yet so I’ll be doing that and making some cookies too. Still have to make a few presents yet but I’ll get er done!

  43. wow that is a generous gift for under someone’s christmas tree!

    DH and I are finishing the Christmas shopping – which is a nice change for me – November and December are normally such busy months for both of us at work that our Christmas shopping is always last minute in the day or two before christmas! It’s been nice to spend some time with DH as we’ve both had some leave, the first lot we’ve had together in 4 1/2 years!

  44. Festive, hmm, does priming and painting windows count? Or doing massive cleaning in my daughter’s room while she is at her Grandparents? Or, finally hanging the roman window shades that I’ve been meaning to hang for five years? Well, I am eating lots of holiday candy! Although, the rest really is festive, because I’m doing the annual festive cleaning so my family can come visit for the Holidays! Looking forward to seeing them, and resting a bit.

  45. your so generous with these give aways May…kudos to you!! Festive huh? Well this is the kids christmas concert week so we have that on thursday evening and tonight I helped dd dressup as santa’s helper, she’s going to go to school wearing her costume tomorrow….just because!! lol

  46. What a prize pack – woo hoo.
    This week I am finishing the Christmas shopping and spending my nights wrapping gifts while singing Christmas Carols – nothing quite like it to really put you in the mood for Christmas (oh and the red and green M&M’s are helping too lol).

  47. How sweet and generous of you to share!!
    We (me and the kiddos) going to start making Christmas goodies to share with family, friends and neighbors. Some breads, lots of cookies and this year we are going to try a few candies! WEEEEEE!
    Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

  48. I am a pre-school teacher so we have been doing LOTS of Christmas Arts and crafts, tomorrow I am planning on making Reindeer with the childrens foot and hand prints 🙂
    Great RAK!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  49. I will be finsihing up decorating the house. I also have lots of fun things for my kids to make for gifts this week that we need to get done.

  50. I will be decorating a gingerbread house. I haven’t done that since I was a child. I think I am more excited now than I ever was as a kid.

  51. Awesome Rak!

    This weekend we (my mom & I) are having an early family Christmas with my sister, her DH, their 2 daughters, their hubbies & 5 little ones. It should be quite loud. My son made plans to go away with his friends snowboarding and it was planned before this last minute Christmas dinner. My sister, her hubby plus their girls & families are heading off to Florida for Christmas and leaving Boxing Day (Canadian Holiday Dec 26th). So this week I have got to finish up my Paper Doll Canvases (I have 2 done and just have to do the face & clothes on the last one.) Have a great week & thanks for the chance.

  52. What an awesome RAK! Very cool….as for something festive I am doing this week….does cleaning house so I can have 25 people over on Christmas day for supper count? I am also wrapping presents, staring at my gorgeous tree (check out my blog) and watching Christmas specials with my kids!

  53. What a selection of goodies! Wow! This week I am making party invites (birthdays 12/23 and 1/6) and thank yous! It takes the focus from the busy-ness of the holidays. It doesn’t erase the stress of it all but it is a nice break from the Christmas festivities.

  54. Me! Me! Me! Well I think tonight we are FINALLY going to get our Christmas tree up, hopefully on Thursday I will finish up the shopping & then on Saturday we have a Christmas program. Sounds like a pretty festive week to me! 🙂

  55. Just finished delivering baskets to businesses that support my business….a great chance to meet people I only speak to by telephone the rest of the year

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