wild times my friends!

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We’ve been running wild here. Between life, work, and everything in between it’s been a mad house! Yesterday we went to a cool pumpkin patch in the next town and had a nice dinner out. I’ve got TONS of pics to sort and order up (can’t wait!) here’s a few…

Rebecca RAN WILD the whole time. Seriously had to chase her all over- which wasn’t easy since this was one huge patch! Of course she had a fabulous time which is what it’s all about.

gi-normous pumpkin anyone? They have some HUGE monster varieties here. Creepy if you asked me. I like pretty pumpkins.

Elizabeth’s favorite thing was the HUGE straw mountain they had. It was fun to play on for everyone- you can barely see rebecca’s little head way up on top! E was pretending to be a bird (wings spread). Of course I climbed up it too- E asked me how I did it so fast and I told her a farm girl knows her way around a bale of straw. Good times.

now today (back at home) I offered E a chocolate if she’d pose with the pumpkins. her response (shown here): NO! you said three chocolates! She drives a hard bargain, but she won in the end. Tomorrow we’ll finish our decor out front (yes, I know we’re on the late end!) and I’ll share. I’ve also got more fun, crafty-goodness, and more to share…

but right now? Jason is at work and the girls are asleep… SCRAP TIME!!!

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  1. Great pics. Sounds like a fun day. I love how Miss E charges you a fee to have her pose for you. Poor kid having a mom who’s a scrapper & always taking pics sure gets tiring. lol

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