sun spots

This afternoon I was doing a photo shoot and decided to capture a behind the scenes photo to share with you – keeping it real and all. This is my story:

Do you ever have a nice shot set up but there are spots of sun blinding your subject? This happens a lot on my front porch/portrait studio. What’s a girl to do? A smart person would take photos before 10am or after 5pm, but see… my model? Well, she’s picky. When she is receptive to photos I’ve gotta strike! I’ve gotten inventive to keep good light but also not have weird or icky sun splotches.

What’s that baby? You got shots today and don’t feel like smiling but do enjoy eating candy corn and touching pumpkins? Ok. Why does mommy look so silly? To provide shade for you, of course!

seriously? Yes. This is me, blocking out the sunny spots with Elizabeth’s blankie with teeth + 1 hand while the other hand does the photo taking. Any sheet/blanket/block of some kind to keep the direct sunlight off the subject will work. I grab whatever is closest. Using this blankie cost me 1 see’s truffle. E drives a hard bargain for borrowing her goods.

When one of your star models is willing to pose, you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus- the even color of light is SOOO much better than sun/shade spotty look. SOOO worth looking like a goober to the neighbors. Ha- I’m so used to being weirdo May with the crazy PJ pants it doesn’t bother me. nah.

One last pic- see this SUPAH SWEET pumpkin? She’s mine. Yep. This is the one I picked out at the patch yesterday. LOVE IT!

8 thoughts on “sun spots”

  1. too cute! I love the pumpkin you picked! I’m very particular about my pumpkins! However, I don’t mind an odd shaped one…sometimes that’s even better!

  2. I love it! Great photos and wonderful colors! Looks like a GREAT memory for years to come! Your a woman, therefore not crazy 🙂

  3. May these pictures are just awesome – love Rebecca surrounded by pumpkins – too cute!! Ant that last shot of the unique textured pumpkin – just fabulous!!

  4. OMG! That is funny!! I go on the ground sometimes and take multiple (fast shots)…people look at me all the time…but I never thought about using a blanket. I just ended up with bad pictures or I moved her around so that I got the picture I want. Great…now I know that I am going to be using a blanket or somthing like that.
    Your daughter is adorable…and I love your pumpkin!

  5. I’m impressed you can take such great pictures with one hand and a “blanquet” ,(as my son used to call them), clenched in your teeth! No sunspots!

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