from (under) the desk of May:

I realize that tomorrow my “recipes” class starts. Four weeks and more than 45 layout examples… we’re going to have FUN!!! If you haven’t already you can check it out (and still sign up!) here.

Back to the present… So I’m cleaning out under my desk, taking a break from work (yes, I realize I said cleaning out under the desk was a break… such a glamorous lifeΒ I lead, no?) and I found this kit I had made a while back.

I also found the lil davis stamp set pictured next to it. Papers, stickers, buttons, and more fun stuff all kind of greens/blues/travel/adventure in theme. I’m guessing I had some post in mind and I was going to give it all away and forgot.

you’ll forgive my forgetful mind, right?

Why am I so sure? Well because I’m giving it away NOW!!! Just leave a comment here to be entered. Winner to be drawn on Saturday.

Before I forget- the winners of flowers from earlier in week: brittany and robindiane (e-mail me to claim the prize!)

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  1. Thank you, May, for the opportunity to win this great kit! We actually took 3 (yes 3!!) trips this year. I have PLENTY of pictures that would be at home with these items. Thanks again for the chance!

  2. With two boys “on the go”, this blue/green travel theme would be well loved ! Thank you for the chance at winning this cool Giveaway!

  3. Gotta love those days when cleaning is a break…

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Lisa S. in TX

  4. I know that I enjoy cleaning out on the top of my scrap table, but not so sure about underneath. I’ll try it one of these days. (probably not, but I can try to try, right?)

  5. Sweet! I can’t wait to take your class. I am in definite need of a reason to USE all of these supplies I’ve collected. πŸ™‚

  6. Great stamps. I was reading through your blog post to figure out exactly who made the stamps and saw the opportunity to win them. Count me in!

  7. fabulous goodies, my dear May. I wish I would find goodies like that under my desk, I think I just have baby toys and spidermen{ yes we have multiples of the action figure} under mine.

  8. Looking forward to your class tomorrow! Would LOVE for you to pick me to win! Please, Please, Please!

  9. I was worried about you being under the desk but when I looked over at mine I thought – huh I have stuff under mine but it will have to wait.

  10. Kit looks great. I loved your Crazy About Kits class and am signed up for the Recipes class. Looking forward to it-I need a jump start.

  11. Man, when I clean upnder my desk, all I find is dust, and tiny little pieces of paper that din’t make it to the trash can! Yours sounds much more interesting.

  12. Travel and Adventure…Just what I need to finally wrap up some summer pictures!

    Can’t wait ’til Recipes starts! I’m so looking forward to it!!

  13. The stamp set is so cute! I’d love to win this! I have to go sign up for your class!

  14. I would use these and think of you each time! πŸ˜‰ I am off to check out your class….

  15. oh what a great wee pack. i love the camera stamp… i can see that coming in handy…. glad that you had a clear out…. perhaps i better too before class starts….. 45 did you say, gulp!! see you ladies tomorrow πŸ™‚

  16. Can’t wait to see what’s cooking on Friday.

    Thanks for your generosity and congrats to the blog winners.

  17. Class starts tomorrow yikes it seem so far off when I signed up for it! I will have to look to see what I have under my desk. . . I have a feeling other then a dust bunny nothing as cool will show up there!

  18. ooooh thos stamps look yummy!! I cleaned out the underneath of my desk today too – but I didn’t find anything like that underneath mine- LOL!!

  19. Love to win all that great stuff. And would love to have time to clean around my desk (and the rest of my house)

  20. We will certainly forgive your forgetfulness – esp when there is a RAK involved. I think you can be forgiven with all that is going on for you right now.

  21. I need to clean out under my desk also….oooh maybe I will find something special hiding under it too! Thanks for the incentive!

  22. Eeek, I just signed up for your class! Talk about last minute!
    That’s like the first time I’m back in school in 10-15 years!
    I think I’ll have fun. Right???

  23. Boy, I never find fun goodies like that under my desk. The only thing under it is paper scraps & dust bunnies. Mind you if I move my 12×12 drawers out from under my desk, who knows what’s behind them. Maybe my favorite pair of #8 Fiskars scissors that have come up missing. lol

    Anyways, thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those stamps May! I just made two great travel kits using what I learned in Crazy About Kits, and the stamps would set off both! Hope I win : )

  25. Wow – you found this under your desk? I should be so lucky! Can’t wait to take a class by you… and would totally love to win this kit!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I wish I would find stuff like this under my desk! Off to check out the first day of class!!!!!! thanks for a chance to win!

  27. I’d happily take all your schtuff from under your desk for you! Then it would be nice and tidy ! ….at least until your shove more under there! LOL

  28. : ) Gotta love when you find stuff like this when you clean! Thanks for the chance for this kit. This would go great with stuff I’m working on now – Ali Edward’s week in the life challenge, and a travel album for my sis. i’ll cross my fingers I get picked!

  29. Wish I found stuff like that when I cleaned under my desk:) I just get dust balls and hot wheels. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  30. those stamps look so cute! I’ve got a thing for cool stamps at the moment ~ especially after seeing some of the cool things people are doing with them (ie Have More Fun class @ BPS). I love kits, I love the different product combinations ~ ones I wouldn’t necessarily do myself!
    My fingers are crossed too!

  31. How come when I clean under my desk I only find paper scraps, small pieces of ribbon, stray brads and fuzz? I need a magical desk like yours May. hehehe.

  32. I just peeked at your class–can’t wait to print everything tonight when I am at home πŸ™‚

  33. Thanks for giving me the chance to enter. I’m all signed up for tomorrow’s class and can not wait!!!

  34. I’m so excited about your class. The handouts are fantastic! I’d love some new scrapping goodies – sign me up!

  35. How sad is it that I wish I had time to clean under my desk?? LOL!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  36. Hi May! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! BTW, I finally finished my board book album that you gave us in that “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” class back in June! I’ll have to post it on the Fiskateers website. As soon as I do, I’ll PM you so you can check it out! TFS!

  37. Well you sure find better stuff when you clean under your desk than I do. Last week when I cleaned under my desk I found a pile of work I hadn’t gotten to yet, which led to my working the weekend. Talk about no fun at all! It’s very nice of you to give away that adorable kit instead of keeping it for yourself. I’d love to win it and see what I could make with it.

  38. I totally understand “finding things from months long ago”! I find things like this all the time; unfortunately it’s not money. It is usually something I have been looking for and can’t remember where I put it. I would love to win and I love your blog. I found out about it on Wed. through our dear friend Stacy J!

  39. I’ve just found your blog and love it. Great giveaway…under your desk uhu??? never found anything similar under mine!

  40. I can relate to finding forgotten kits from months ago… (And why is it that the one embellishment that pulls the whole layout together is always missing from the kit – especially if it was the only embellishment in the pack that I liked but I still had to have it, even though the whole pack cost $8.95?)

    Would love to win this kit, and I promise to use it straight away!

  41. What a great pack, wish my desk gave me goodies like these! Off to my b-day brunch and check in with the class since i’ve been missing soooo much!!

  42. It’s almost like finding money in a coat pocket…….Nothing like losing scrappy stuff!
    I need to see if I can fit your class in. Loved your kit class.

  43. Love a chance to win and I recently cleaned my scrapbook room and found things I forgot I had!

  44. Hi May,
    I’m just posting a little comment on your blog to say I hope you do your scrapbook recipes class again. I meant to register but a lot was happening in my life at the time and I missed it! I am hoping it will run again and went looking for somewhere on BPS to put my request in, but couldn’t find it … So if you could pass this on that I for one would love to do your class, that would be great!!!

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