going good!

Knee is feeling a little better. Still crazy tender and easily angered… but better. This is a lifelong thing I get to deal with. It really only acts up when I’m very active, and it’s dang near impossible to tell how much is too much. Good news? I know the early signs of a flare up so I STOP and take care quickly. So it’s days, not weeks.

So anyhow I’ve gotten myself a nice little bed (or sofa) set up. I’m using a TV tray which isn’t ideal for size, but it has a pocket and I can work with my leg under it. I’m working on some projects I can reveal soon… real soon… like this

More to come tomorrow night with all those photos above… but first, a give away!! I’ve got two little bags ‘o flowers from my stash. Just leave a comment here to be entered.