11am Saturday:

Did our morning outing and now we’re back in for the day. The plan is to start scrapbooking as soon as lunch has been served up. Another plan? To give away a FISKARS STAMP PRESS + 3 stamp sets. Right here. Right now.

Can you say Fiskars ROCKS??? (I can!!!) I think the winner is going to LOVE the Heidi Grace + Lil Davis stamps too. Oh- and I may just draw a winner or two to win just a stamp set. Good luck!

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  1. Holy moly! You must be missing the gift shower part of being a lead Fiskateer or something! Can you believe I still don’t have one of these? Been eyeing them though…

  2. FISKARS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome RAK!! I hvae wanted thes for a while, ever since I began my obsession with stamps!!
    Thanks for a chance May 🙂

  3. You sure know how to feed the stamp obsession- love to have one of these. And of course Heidi Grace and Lil Davis have such cute stamps!

  4. May, Fiskars certainly does ROCK! I can’t imagine a better company for having such generosity. They do rock and so do you!

    I have one set of Fiskar’s journaling stamps and I LOVE them. I am so desperate to get my hands on the stamp press… 🙂

    Carrie (Fiskateer #4114)

  5. FISKARS ROCKS and so does May! I hope i am not too late. had to clean the spilled red koolaid in the refridgerator. which meant 1hr and having to take out the shelves/drawers. At least I have a can fridge now!

  6. Fiskars rocks but not as much since you have been gone! We miss you May………..life just isn’t the same over there without ya!

  7. Fiskars rocks but not as much since you have been gone! We miss you May………..life just isn’t the same over there without ya!

  8. Oh I have been eying this please put me in too! Fiskars ROCKS! LOL Just seeing the Fiskateers love this last 2 weeks have really proven that not only for my little boy but for the crop I held as well! Its amazing the upbeat positive attitude Fiskars helps to create and pass on.

  9. oh, nelly, i am a huge fiskars fan and i must say, i am loving Heidi Grace. She is one of my favs. have fun scrapping!

  10. This is AMAZING! Thanks again for your great creativity! Had a great time with this crop.

  11. Yes Fiskars ROCK – I am a total fiskars convert, and they just keep coming out with more fantastic stuff too.
    I only have one lot of HG + lil Davis stamps but love them too.
    Thanks for the chance.

  12. Fiskars rocks as you do. . . thanks for the chance to win I have just started using my stamps that I have now and it would cool to have a press I am not very good at hitting the right spots!

  13. has been fun participating in the big wig bash. now I have your blo added to my list. Would love to win some stamps and prizes

  14. Fiskars does ROCK !

    Love the LO’s ! Love da toes! Love baby feet, so sweet!

    …back from the waterpark, off to find some Motrin but had to check in first!

    Sounds like you had some fun!

  15. I’ve just become addicted to stamping….it’s been on every layout I’ve done in the past week! 🙂 Would love one of the stamp presses!

    Fiskars rocks!!! (Indeed!!!)

  16. Oh yeah! Fiskars ROCKS! Just came back from another CDF training. It is always a treat to share and talk about my favorite Fiskars tools including the Stamp Press.

  17. yup….Fiskars ROCKS & so does May. Looks like you’ve been busy with all these great layouts & posts.

  18. Fiskars is an amazing company for creating the best tools and being so forward thinking by having the best designers create fabulous paper collections. They truely support creativity. They also created the CFD program which I extremely proud to be a part of.

    They also create The Fiskateers which have grown so fast in the past 2 years and still growing!! By having Fiskateers – they introduce us to the incredible Lead Fiskateers May, Steph, Cheryl, Holly, Rebecca, Angela, Wendy Jo, & Kelly Jo.

    May is constantly inspiring us – On the Fiskercrafts & here of course.

    Angela – shares her love of candy and crafts.

    Cheryl – Is so sweet and caring. she is all about family.

    Rebecca – Is outraguosly funny.

    Steph – is so caring and fun.

    Holly – is kind and always cheerful.

    Wendy Jo – is fun and crafty – she does amazing things.

    Kelly Jo – is smart and creative.

    Thanks for asking May!!

  19. Fiskars is really something else ! Always coming out with something beneficial to the crafting world !! At my LSS, I’m known as “The Fiskar’s Lady”…..and I couldn’t be prouder !!

    Laura #1943

  20. Hi May – you know I am a die-hard Fiskars fan…I am just so touched by the fiskateer movement. Such an awesome way to spread the love and share our crafty passions. I had such an awesome time this last weekend with the Fiskateers – just the best!!

  21. miss may have you been looking thru my wishlist ? LOL fiskars rocks more then any other forum ! would you believe that even thou i’ve been a die hard scrapper, i have only just coverted to arcrylic stamps & loving the idea of a stamp press 🙂 pick meeeeeee LOL. sorry was drooling on the pc keys & i’m sure that my trusty tote could share some space for the press 😉 well even if it can’t i will find the mini stamp press hehehe 😉

  22. Fiskars so rocks!! I haven’t bought anything thing of theirs that I don’t just love. They really think about their products before they put them out there. I really miss you on the forum but I check your blog daily!!

  23. Just catching up on some blog reading and thought I’d leave you a little love. Seeing some great layouts and some delicious looking food (this said even though I just had supper)

  24. Fiskars Rocks! I so need a stamp press. oooooooh, pick me, pick me. I would love to win something from Fiskars. I love the quality and ingenuity that goes into their products.

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