it’s my (pink) world…

and y’all are just living in it.


See, I’m in the middle of creating my next big picture class- and I *LOVE* how it’s coming out. Except one thing. I have to keep removing pink layouts and/or adding “non-pink” layouts instead. Why? Because I know that not everyone agrees with me and Elle Woods that pink is awesome. And because really my handouts should be balanced and have layouts using a variety of colors. Not just pink. or blue with pink. or aqua with pink. or green with pink. or.. I think you get my drift.

So I’m off to craft some brown/green/blue/red stuff. (not necessarily combined) Since I’m still way swamped and not caught up I haven’t even uploaded pics to share yet. I’ll be back soon as I can. I will have real stories and prizes too…

{ps- it’s probably a good thing that I have two girls… because this pink addiction? They’re involved too.}

14 thoughts on “it’s my (pink) world…”

  1. Hey there!! I was thinking about you today! 🙂

    I really want to paint my bedroom with pink and brown stripes and Brad says no. It’s very sad. I think I will paint the playroom instead. Pink it amazing and I stand behind you 100%!!

  2. I have an addiction to pink and I have 2 nephews so Im usually using the “other colors” . Pink is still great!!!!!

  3. Yup, it stinks to adore all things pink and have a husband and young son at home…sigh, one day!

  4. i’m with you may. if my layout seems like it’s missing something… a little pink usually helps.

    i’ll upload a photo of the kit i put together for your bps class when i get back home tonight. it’s was supposed to be yellow and teal a la the darjeeling limited… but i decided that there has to be some pink somewhere in that movie and i just missed it. so my kit is yellow and teal AND PINK. and i love it. :]

  5. Got some delicious pink and green flower trim in the ribbon section of Hancock today and thought of your addiction. I think pink adds a lot of life to a page, but it is sometimes hard to use on masculine pages. Though, the youngest son bought a pink dress shirt the other day and made a comment about supporting the effort against breast cancer; so, like “green”, pink now has socially responsible overtones!

  6. Yes, you need a variety of colors. I get sorta annoyed at my niece since Pink is her favorite color and it limits my scrapbooking choices. Whenever I can I buy her an assortment of colors to wear– but she still loves her PINK!! LOL

  7. What can I say…..gotta have some pink! DS was never into pink (lol) and if I put pink on his pages, well lets not go into hthat one. Fortunately I have 3 adorable great nieces so I can happily have my fill of pink now.

  8. I was never much of a pink person myself – until my granddaughter came along – now it is a staple!!

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