manic mondays rule.

I think that manic, wild, insane mondays rock. Most of the time. Like today. I have 5 boxes (about 70lbs!) heading to St. Paul for next week’s event. woo. hoo. all that stuff was so harshing my serene and clean area!!! Glad to have it on it’s way to my final lead fiskateer event.

So- am looking for inspiration in my files- and I’ve just NOT been taking pictures. No- really. I’ve maybe taken 10 pics in all of June. WHOA! So, rather than share photos that are new, I’m sharing 3 that I found in my files that I’ve not shared before, but like.

1. Photo of Joseph Schmidt chocolate bowls. I think I saved this photo off of his site because it reminded me of a wedding gift. We got a BIG one with sculpted flowers and everything for our wedding- so awesome. Then we ate it. YES. WE ate it and it was soooo good.

2. Elizabeth + her cousin Adriana. Those girls are nuts- and I love every moment they get to play together.

3.  riding an airplane at the little town fair. so cute. so fun. so happy.

This brings me to the realization that I’ve not edited or processed photos since May 20. EGADS! THat’s a LONG time for me. Add that to my list. Right after today’s laundry, cleaning, clothing purging, prep for relatives visiting this Friday, trip packing…

manic monday in full swing- and loving every moment…


you know you love it. 🙂

12 thoughts on “manic mondays rule.”

  1. Don’t we all love life!!! Keep your head up, sounds like your on the right track!! 🙂

  2. I love that song. the video is sooo 80’s! I’m getting so excited for your visit to the Twin Cities! See you soon.

  3. OMG gotta get some of those chocolates they are so pretty and yes I would eat mine too! Why waste good chocolate?

  4. OMG gotta get some of those chocolates they are so pretty and yes I would eat mine too! Why waste good chocolate?

  5. OMG I though the bowls were ceramic – they are amazing. PS love the music – dig that hair do!

  6. Yummy! A chocolate bowl! They are just too pretty too eat. lol

    My Monday was pretty manic too! Travel 45 miles in a heat wave to pick up my new fans that my sister picked up for me at Cosco. Then a couple stops to shop, eat and then back home. Man was it a hot one!
    The humidity was just too much. But then DS surprised me & treated me to a perch supper. Guess he liked his new fan too!

    Sounds like your on the right track though.

  7. Laundry??? I love to do it,, we have 4 washers and 2 dryers, in one hour I’m outta there, with 8 in the family,, wash days mondays and thursdays,, now you can imagine how much clothes there are, Mondays are definitely Maniac around here to ..

  8. Scrumptious! Beautiful too!

    Laundry? That truly is a never ending chore around here!

    The girls are gorgeous!

  9. Um…me too. I’ve taken maybe 20 photos this month…and only used the camera on 3 different days…sigh…

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