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now- to my post…

I don’t like “tech” shopping. Why? I’ll tell you…

I mentioned to my husband a few weeks back that I’m thinking about doing the ‘big girl’ jump into the world of dSLR cameras. I swore I’d be point-n-shoot die hard… but not feeling it anymore. I want more control and options. Yeah- finally I want to go SLR. So… being that they’re not cheap I have begun my search so that I can figure out how much lemonade I need to sell this summer. (if you know what I mean…)

I look around a bit and figure out about what I’ll need to get saved up. I figure I can’t get a camera for at least 3-4 months.

Jason, right off, started pushing me towards the Nikon D60. Because it’s a great camera? Because it’s the best value? No. Because it’s featured right now at costco. (insert photo of me with steam coming out my ears here) He tells me if I want it I should move this week because it’s on special for limited time and price is going up. arg. Then he suggests I just take the $$ out of savings so I can have my camera now. You might think this would tempt me- but somehow it makes me like the camera less. Because he’s pushing so hard for it due to value/convenience factor.  

Me? I scope out steve’s site for reviews and info I can use and understand. After about an hour I think I’ve got my head wrapped around what I like. Know what? I think I want that new Canon- XSi. It’s got some sah-wheet features that I think rock. But it’s more expensive. Maybe double once I get a case and a 2and lens. Will have to wait quite a long while for this sucker. Jason tells me that he doesn’t approve. (making me want it more, by the way)

The camera store? Well I was beyond irritated leaving there today. They wouldn’t let me touch the cameras (no joke), she wasn’t telling me the info I wanted to hear- she was totally FIXATED on pixels. I get it. millions of pixels. Can’t tell difference between 8 and 10 unless hugely printed. I GET IT! Can we move on to cool features? no. She’s obsessed with cheapest available. How do I explain I’m trying to invest in a decade or longer type camera? One I won’t ‘outgrow’ in 2-3 years? I ask her what she shoots (she was totally ANTI-Cannon, btw) and she says cannon and she loves it. Ok- so I guess they have some kind of big commission for selling Nikon cameras then. because she was pushing me on Nikon and would barely touch the Canon. (BTW- that also makes me want cannon more- can you see a pattern of stubbornness in me yet?) Then she starts in on RAW files vs JPG and my head wants to E-X-P-L-O-D-E. Finally got her to give me ‘bottom line’ on pricing.

eek. bye sweet Canon. With the lens that I want to start with… gulp… double the cost of Nikon. Am I so sure I wouldn’t be happy with the Nikon?

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ARRRRG. (turning into angry pirate at this point)

Then, I called my father-in-law. He’s camera and technology OBSESSED. I hesitated to talk to him because once I open the gate… the calls and info won’t stop. (gulp) but I need to chat to somebody. Know what he says to me? He likes the N60- but more than anything else? He reminds me that I can buy that camera, try it out (up to 90 days or something) and if I don’t like it? Just return it for refund. I hate to admit this- but he’s got a dang good point. If I’m totally hating on the Nikon I can just take it back, go back to using my point and shoot Sony, and then save up for the Cannon which is gonna cost a lot more. THEN mr. right (aka Jason) can’t deny me my luxury dreams because I gave the ‘costco special’ a chance. might be a good idea, actually.

just goes to show you- sometimes the answer you want might come from an unlikely source.

oh, and that I’m a pain in the ass sometimes. Yeah- I fully admit that I’ve got a stubborn streak that’s insane and I’ll stick with (or against) something just because I’m being pushed. no joke. ask my husband. 🙂

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  1. Ugh. Camera shopping totally stinks. Best of luck finding an affordable dream camera!

  2. Shopping for a new camera is a pain and a very personal thing but think the hardest part for me is the money thing. . . it is a lot of money and we always want to be sure it is what we want so we are not disappointed with our new camera.

  3. Shopping for a new camera is a pain and a very personal thing but think the hardest part for me is the money thing. . . it is a lot of money and we always want to be sure it is what we want so we are not disappointed with our new camera.

  4. May, You can check out my Canon XSi (and I have the 55-250 lens too) when I come over on the 28th. I love it! My photos are great. It’s larger than the older Rebel but I love the 3 inch LCD screen. It is lighter than the smaller older model (well by 1 oz.) which is imortant to me. I think you’ll want this one. So, if yo can wait 2 weeks you can play with mine. I’ll bring my card reader, too. Remind me! That way, you can load the photos and see if you like the ones you take with it.

  5. I totally know what you mean May!! I’m in the process of doing the same thing-and I’m having a hard time deciding on a SLR-but I am leaning towards the XSi also!!! I think it would be SO AWESOME!!

  6. I did the camera thingy just before xmas. I had been saying for a long time that I wanted to get a new camera as mine was only 2.5 pixels. Not that that really mattered to me as it still took awesome pics. I was using an Olympus & from what I was told the reason it took such good quality pics is that they used a ‘glass’ lens versus the plastic lens. I had it for 5+ yrs & took TONS of photos with no problems ever. I decided to go with the Olympus digital SLR and of course had to splurge on the second lens. I love it but I really do need to take the time & read the manual as they definately AREN’T point & shoot.

    I agree with you though, if your the main one using it, YOU have to be happy. I did the value thing the first time around and ended up taking that camera back the first week. lol Good luck on your camera choice.

  7. Shopping for certain things can be a pain! You want the best one that suits your needs. I hate having to “settle” for something due to money issues.

    Luck to you and don’t let yourself be pushed into something that doesn’t feel right for you 🙂

  8. You stick to your guns and get the camara YOU want. Try several out if that is the return policy. But you are the one using it the most and you know what kind of “perks” you want. But it is great you looked for the right kind of advice.

    I’m still with a point and shoot, but upgraded last year to get the hang of some more of the more “self-controled” features.

    I hope by September I get to start looking for a new SLR. USC has a wonderful one semester class for non-students to learn about SLR use.

  9. I was thinking about looking for a new camera – now not so sure. lol Good luck and get the one that you want, you will be the one using it.

  10. I bought the Rebel XTI over two years ago during a Costco special because I was in the same spot as you. I realized after getting it that I wasn’t a big fan of the way it fit into my hands and returned it. I have teeny tiny hands, so I struggle with big cameras. I ended up going to Best Buy and playing with all the cameras and settled in the Nikon D80, which I ordered from B&H online [great prices if you know what you want].

    I should also say that I was used to shooting with an old Nikon film camera from when I took photography, so I was just more familiar with button placement and things like that on the Nikon vs Canon, which was totally different to me. I think that’s a big reason that I ended up with a Nikon.

    Now… I still take my point and shoot with me when I travel. It’s just way too convenient and doesn’t require a separate bag. go figure. :]

  11. i learned the hard way that you have to buy the camera that you really want, not the one that is the cheapest or you can get the fastest (darn you best buy for being right around the block from my apt!)
    otherwise you will have serious camera envy for the duration of your relationship and if you’re going to spend all that $ don’t you want to be in L-O-V-E?

  12. May!! At my inlaws yesterday I looked at the new ConsumerReports mag they just got in the mail—BIG article on all cameras! Yes, including SLRs! Pick it up at the airport and read on the plane to MN or on your way home. Very very informative!! Good luck!

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