flock this.

I am a big fan of Doodlebug despite the fact that their customer service needs work. 2-3 years ago I had defective ribbon that they insisted I go to the retailer. Well it was an expo purchase and I couldn’t. Then they said I could mail it to them (to prove it’s broken-ness) and so I mailed them the ribbon, and never heard one word back. Now- I know that’s a tiny little incident, but it still chaps this hide when I think about it. But never mind. They’re always nice at the trade shows and such so I have let that go, and still buy their products when I simply must have them.

They just released a line of simple/basic papers that I am in LURVE with. Really. While I love cool and trendy products, I also love really timeless, simple, easy to blend stuff too. These basic papers will rock!! Oh, and speaking of rock they released flocking.

I was skeptical of it’s stick-ability and how it would look. dang. LOVE IT! Will be on a quest for MORE now. My tip? Use a generous amount of liquid adhesive for best effects. sticky tape didn’t get a thick enough coating, and thin liquid adhesive left gaps too. Slather it on, and ENJOY. I know I will…

happy Monday  Tuesday.