I don’t follow sports.

I know enough to get by usually. I know home runs are for baseball and that touchdowns are football. But- I don’t follow sports. I have a husband who does, and who from time to time tells me what’s going on. Why, I’m not sure. I think he’s just making conversation.

Anyhow- here is this morning’s conversation via phone:

Jason: Guess who I just said hello to in the hotel lobby?

me: I have no idea.

Jason: Tommy Lasorda!

me: and that is???

Jason: Baseball.

me: and I should know that name because???

Jason: Dodgers! Geez. Nevermind. (I heard an exasperated sigh here too)

me: well cool. Maybe you should hang in the lobby for a while then. (having no clue who this person is)

I then did my ‘may thing’ and googled the name. Ok- long time manager of Dodgers. Got it. Like I said- I don’t follow sports too closely. My knowledge of people and names is very limited. I am the girl who didn’t recognize that the ‘familiar’ guy I was helping was actually Joe Montana. After he left and I commented he seemed familiar someone told me so.

but show me a piece of patterned paper or an embellishment, and I can probably tell you who made it. I’ve got my priorities.

6 thoughts on “I don’t follow sports.”

  1. I guess you really don’t know sports if you have never heard of Tommy LaSorda! LOL

    Does he recognize craft products brands by sight? We all have our own area of expertise! LOL

  2. Wow, that sounds similar to my husband and my conversations about sports! Or for that matter, many celebrities in general. People talk about who is starring in a movie and I am clueless except for probably like 15 actors/actresses! And Trivia? Forget it! Now throw a scrapbook superstar my way and I will most likely know! LOL

  3. I understand. Going to CHA Winter I was on the same plane as Charles Bronson. I stood next to him … one inch away from his shoulder at baggage claim. At the time I new he looked familar, when got to going back and thinking and thinking about it I realized who it was. LOL Well, CHA was on my mind and that was mroe important than movie stars at the moment.

  4. I’m with you May! I am totally clueless when it comes to sports….well, I shouldn’t really say clueless, I do know a few hockey favs but only because they grew up near my home. lol

  5. Too funny. But, I definitely would have known Joe Montana and Tommy Lasorda. They are some of the GREATS in the sports world!!

  6. I only “watch” our local college or professional teams ~~ which would be LSU Tigers and New Orlean Saints. Even though I know enough about the sport to watch most of the game without TOO many questions. My son is a walking sports encyclopedia and sports fanatic!!!! He takes sports to heart ~~ even cried when the New Orleans Hornets lost in the playoffs and he is 17yrs old and just graduated from high school!!

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