I don't follow sports.

I know enough to get by usually. I know home runs are for baseball and that touchdowns are football. But- I don’t follow sports. I have a husband who does, and who from time to time tells me what’s going on. Why, I’m not sure. I think he’s just making conversation.

Anyhow- here is this morning’s conversation via phone:

Jason: Guess who I just said hello to in the hotel lobby?

me: I have no idea.

Jason: Tommy Lasorda!

me: and that is???

Jason: Baseball.

me: and I should know that name because???

Jason: Dodgers! Geez. Nevermind. (I heard an exasperated sigh here too)

me: well cool. Maybe you should hang in the lobby for a while then. (having no clue who this person is)

I then did my ‘may thing’ and googled the name. Ok- long time manager of Dodgers. Got it. Like I said- I don’t follow sports too closely. My knowledge of people and names is very limited. I am the girl who didn’t recognize that the ‘familiar’ guy I was helping was actually Joe Montana. After he left and I commented he seemed familiar someone told me so.

but show me a piece of patterned paper or an embellishment, and I can probably tell you who made it. I’ve got my priorities.