It’s so me.

I try to not shop digital goodies too often. Mostly because I fall in love with too much stuff. It’s no secret that I adore Rhonna Farrer’s stuff. When I saw these I was helpless agains their power. I had to buy immediately. ( is where all her digi magic is…)

Now I must be off to play with these and make some hybrid layouts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s so me.”

  1. ut oh. I’ve not yet purchased any digi stuff… but this I just might have to have. :]
    Now that summer is here, among the many operations is Operation: Learn How To Use Photoshop.
    I know a the basics, but I definitely need some practice. Maybe a little purchase like this is in order. ha!

  2. ohhhhhh those are nice….I am soon going to be hunting in my MIL’s basement for REAL vintage stuff to scan….lol

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