(almost) Weekend Update:


  • WINNERS OF PRIZES I FORGOT TO DRAW UNTIL NOW: Veronica Noechel (book) and Robin TQMnurse (mom’s day surprise). Shoot me an e-mail (may at comcast.net) to claim the prize!
  • Today my little Bex is featured on Fiskars Crafts project of the day
  • Taking a 3 day “unplugged” weekend. I’ll probably sneak on to check e-mail for vital stuff… but other than that I’ll be out enjoying this 100 degree weather. (ugh. so not going to enjoy the heat!!)
  • Had a classic mom moment at the restaurant tonight. Elizabeth ‘refunded’ her meal in the middle of dinner. Ahhh toddlerhood.
  • Heading to a local crop to raise money for the High School Saturday. (did you hear that cropgirl?) 2 crops in the same month- that’s a lot for me. I usually craft away here in my batcave/volcano lair…
  • I got a LOVELY gift (some Cosmo cricket goodies!) from Lisa┬áthat I must play with ASAP. Thanks Lisa!!!
  • Did I mention it’s hot? freaky deeky doo. It’s like 100. And last night 82 was the LOW. Tonight I insist on all-night A/C. No way I’m doing the hot air blowing in from outside again. blech!
  • Pics I love from today:

These days her name is scavanger. Seriously the kid eats every and anything left out. We’re careful as we can be… but she’s gotten a taste for real food. And that means baby food days are over. I can barely get her to eat canned stuff now, so I’m starting to give up the ‘neat’ fight and let her do her thing in the highchair.

Baby days are precious and few. Have a great weekend!