it’s about me.

I have a husband that understands that sometimes a girl needs her birthday pie a few days early. That munching on slivers of caramel pecan silk supreme pie for days is the best birthday gift ever. Last night he went out and picked it up for me. awesome.

I am blessed to work with many great people. The B.P.S. crew is no exception. How fab is it to get a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar? I’m in heaven.

This week, it’s Happy Birthday to me. 🙂

29 is gonna rock.

22 thoughts on “it’s about me.”

  1. That pie looks GOOOOD!
    Happy birthday week to you!
    And oh, to be in your 20s again! Enjoy the very last year of it!!!

  2. Happy birthday! This is my 29 year, too…I agree, it’s gonna rock!

  3. Big Happy Birthday Week to you. Make sure to call your mom to say thank you!!

    I can’t believe … 29 … May, my daughter is 29 years old. You just made me feel old. Nay, I had her with I was only 10. LOL

  4. Happy 29th Birthday May!!! That is what I celebrated last year! This year I hit the big 3-0… Hope you enjoy it and that yummy pie and chocolate bar as well 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Miss May ! You’re still a young’un !!

    Pie….gimme pie…. aww…I just made some no bake cookies…they’ll do I guess!

    Hugs hon!

  6. Oh my gosh, this pie looks like one that we used to have at Morrisons Cafe’ a restaurant that is no longer here anymore. I LOVED that pie. I really, really wish I could have some of that pie. Now, that I am not thinking about me, Happy Birthday Week! (teehee)

  7. Happy Birthday Week May. . . I think it should be celebrated all month but a week is good. My that pie looks yummy wishing I could have a piece.

  8. Happy Birthday May, That cake looks scrummy.
    My Hubby and I have a “birthday week” where they get to be waited on and don’t have to do any household chores, it is like being a princess or prince for a week, just fabulous.

    Enjoy your week – it only happens once a year.

  9. Happy BIrthday week to you! Pie AND chocolate? How awesome!

    I am also turning 29 this year and I truly hope its going to be GREAT. My 28th year is ending badly… so I deserve a better 29th right?

  10. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Maayyyyy, Happy Birthday to you!!
    29 is great…I happen to be celebrating the 7th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday. ;o)

  11. Oh I want to add that in honor of your birthday………I polished off a small bag of chocolate covered peanuts tonight…………well, that is how I justified it anyway! LOL

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