Well not too much to say this manic Monday. It’s both one of “those” Mondays and also a great day all at once. So, I’ll focus on the great.

There is so much goodness up at www.fiskarscrafts.comthis month. Project a day, new articles, and fiskars TV of course. I love my job with Fiskars and working on the site content (and with the dream team of designers, of course!) I’m working round-the-clock on summer time merriment for the site and internet in general right now. Mmm yeah. GOOD stuff. I love when I can surf blogs and craft sites and justify to myself that it’s work too. (more on that later!)

Know what else? Every once in a while I’ll be putting one of my own creations on the fiskars site. I shouldn’t show… but I can’t help myself… this project will go up later in the week…

wait ’till you see the whole thing… it’s my new favorite layout! 

9 thoughts on “shhh…”

  1. Suspense! I see cute baby toes! Enjoy every single minute of this baby time. It goes by way too fast! Next thing you know, they’ll be in school!

    btw…love that birdie paper!

  2. Little birdies everywhere. It’s such a big trend and I really love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Heidi Grace line! I got an early bird fix (ha- pun intended!) with some cute little girl papers with birds from Making Memories.

  3. I am anxious to see the whole thing….can’t wait!

    I am interested in hearing more about your blog surfing….

  4. I couldn’t miss seeing that little foot in the background! Love the thick little baby feet! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of your LO!

  5. Okay I’m waiting. . . love the colors and your journaling and I am waiting.

  6. Okay I’m waiting. . . love the colors and your journaling and I am waiting.

  7. Love what I can see of that paper. It’s so ‘springy’. Can’t wait to see the rest of your LO.

  8. Thanks for the “sneak peek” May. Can’t wait to see “all” of the LO. Love the journaling.

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