scranton, PA

Day 3 of our road trip, and I needed a place to stay that would be along our desired route, safe, clean, nice, and with decent food too. I discovered that Scranton, PA was really the only major city on our route that was within a reasonable # of miles from our last stop of day 2. They have a nice hotel that I trust to be clean and nice (Radisson) so we set it up.

We arrived at around 830pm, and being that I was totally EXHAUSTED from all the driving + merriment + chatting with fisk-a-teers and customers at the Hershey store… going out to eat was totally out of the question. I needed in-room dining. For those who are curious, the philly style cheese steak and fresh fried potato chips (still warm!) at the Lackawanna Radisson are ROCKIN GOOD!!!

I know she looks slightly crazed, but I still love this photo. She adored the tiny Ketchup bottle. She was sure it was meant for dipping fries right into it.

The view of the “scranton the electric city” sign from our room was awesome. It is a HUGE sign, and very vegas-esque. I watched it for a while… just a cool thing in my mind.

Then, after 30minutes on-line trying to find sights from the show from my FAVORITE show the office (set in Scranton!) I gave up and went to sleep. See, I am on this trip for WORK, not play, so I need to keep focused on what the truly important stuff is.

The next morning we awake to a beautiful day. We were in downtown scranton, so right in the middle of it all. Really prettier and more historic than I expected- and we did get to see the mall at steamtown and the historic steamtown (railroad) site in our driving.

the railroad museum- with some real working steam engines- is awesome. We only had about 30 minutes there (had to get on the road for work!) but it was cool. Elizabeth was totally smitten… until this bad boy covered her in steam and coal ash. She wasn’t so happy then and asked for the ones that don’t work any more.


Now here comes the funny part. I get home and unpack, and as I do so I’m telling Jason about our adventures, and how we didn’t find the building or welcome sign from the show’s opening credits. No time to go on a search, and didn’t have the info upfront. Then, as I’m showing him this scranton visitor booklet that I picked up (for the pics- for our scrapbook) I find on page 5 an article all about the office, and where you can find the sights mentioned in the show. No joke. The sign is inside the mall now so that people can get good pics (we didn’t go in- we were out of town by 930am!), and it also said addys of other stuff too.

Lesson learned here: The computer is NOT always smarter than ‘old school’ travel brochures. Sometimes the answer is right in your hotel room. UNDER the laptop you’re searching the Internet on…

and to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend I have a prize to give away. I’ll be sending a big ‘ol box of scrapbook goodies to one person who posts a comment here…