starting the 'crop pack' process

About a week ago I got a really nice e-mail. It was from someone who had taken ‘crazy about kits’ (my BPS class) last fall. She was telling me how she had pulled out the class handouts again and was really utilizing them to prepare for a big National Scrapbook Day weekend. Inspired by her note, I pulled out the handouts and reminded myself how I want to pack for the upcoming trip!

Now, I won’t share all the secrets of my class (wink) but I will tell you how I’m going about packing for this scrapbook long weekend. This post is kind of ‘part 1’- it does take a LOT for me to select stuff to bring, and I like to do it in little parts…

1. Photos. Start with photos. I’m packing approximately 3x more ‘layouts worth’ than I can possibly do. This will ensure that I’ve got things I want to work on, and if I’m hyper productive I still won’t run out. As I choose photos I want to scrap, I write down the Layout subjects, colors, and 1 page, 2 page, or way more than 2 pages. Once I’ve got all my photos I want then I look at product. This way, I don’t pack product that can’t possibly go with photos. For example- I left all the halloween photos at home so that I don’t have to bring a bunch of Halloween for one page. Know what I mean?

2. The lighter you pack, the better. What I mean is, unless you’re going to a 3 day crop… bringing too much can actually slow you down.

3. Kits are your friends! Whether you bring home-made kits or purchased ones (or both!) coordinated product is good. ­čÖé

This is a 2-page class that I just taught at I’m a Scrapbook Addict’s retreat in Sacramento. I focused the material for someone at a crop/retreat and had it so that they could be very flexible in how it goes together. Also- there is a sheet with tips/tricks/ideas as well. Hmmm. I have 1 or 2 extra kits that don’t have a home here. I wonder, would you like one? Just leave a comment here and I’ll pick tomorrow.

Well it’s Sunday, and that┬ámeans┬álaundry folding, house cleaning, and maybe we can talk Jason into some BBQ…