A week in review-

We spent the day in Monterey on Monday. I *love* this photo of Elizabeth watching a shark (and a BIG school of fishies!) in the million (yes, million!) gallon tank that is home to some HUGE and awesome fish. I could have stayed and watched the various fish for hours…

But, of course, there are other things to see. Here is one of the artful Jelly Fish exhibits. Such amazing creatures to watch- and so cool to photograph. I just wish there was less glare. I saw a few people taking flash photos and I wanted to tell them ‘dude. you’re just going to get glare!!!’ but instead I kept my thoughts to myself.

We had lunch at Bubba Gumps. The Hush pups (fried balls of goodness) were great, as was my ‘lava flow’ drink… everything else was just OK. Kind of a disappointment that the quality has gone down so low- but still good times.

and, no trip to Monterey would be complete without sharing some ice cream at the Ghirardelli soda shop. We got the “gold rush” complete with peanut butter and hot fudge. Oh yum.

Since then, it’s been quite the week. The Fisk-a-teer blog has been all wonky for… well… I dunno. Since Tuesday, I think. I can’t upload photos there, so I can’t blog really, and that’s totally been throwing my ‘blog mojo’ WAY off. So, rather than obsess about when that will be fixed I’ve been working hard off-line. It’s 2 weeks until National Scrapbook Day, and so preparations are in FULL swing. Want to see some stuff?

First- here is my desk at this very moment. (ok, so about 2hrs ago… but it took a while to upload photos and edit them. I barely have room to work- but I’ve been ON FIRE! (en fuego!) Seriously. In the last 20 hours I have made 8 layouts. No joke- EIGHT!!! I think that might be an all time high. I also think i’d better clean up this insane mess!!!

Here’s one using the Heidi Grace baby line that just started shipping…

My mom asked me “how can you be making a layout, watching a movie, and talking to me??” last night. I dunno. I guess I am just good at multi-tasking. My mom was visiting for a few days just to hang, but also so I could go teach a class at a retreat in Sacramento. (thanks mom!) Last night I couldn’t bring myself to cook- so we had girls night at Olive Garden. Elizabeth says ” I LOVE this place”. I mean- they have soup, olives, salad, bread, and pasta… it’s her dream come true and we never go there. (Jason isn’t a fan)

She looks a bit annoyed in the photo- I think it’s because her soup eating was interrupted!

Today has been a clean house/do laundry/make 5 layouts day… and I think it’s going to be an EARLY evening too. I’m tired, and I’ll work on (and tell you about!)  crop packing and goodie bags and extra goodies to share tomorrow…

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend and a busy weekend. I love the LO way cute. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend and a busy weekend. I love the LO way cute. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I love the jellyfish too. I think I spend most of my time watching and photographing them when I’m at the aquarium. And I totally have the exact same thought process about people using the flash. I always want to say something, but I just keep my mouth shut.

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed your trip to Monterey. One of my favorite things to eat while I’m there is a crepe. Plus you it’s hard to find prettier views of the ocean.

    The HG baby line looks fabulous. I’m definitely excited for it because I haven’t scrapped a single photo of my niece yet, and that’s not ok! & & 8 pages… wow! Maybe you can send some of your productivity vibes my way. :]

    Hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you.

  4. Your layout looks just devine! Love how you put several photos on the same page and those papers are just neeto!

    Your scrap space looks great! love seeing creativity in full swing. lol

  5. LOL, you crack me up, I feel the same way when I see people taking photos in the aquarium and also as SB conventions. They take flash photos of the projection screen, but I guess that some pictures come out that way. Not with my camera LOL.

    Looks like you’ve been one busy chick! Keep up the mojo!

  6. May, just reading about your busy week makes me tired! I would love to see the west coast some day and visit the Monterey Aquarium. I’ve only seen live jellyfish personally from above as I’ve looked down into the ocean while riding on a ferry. They were just little white ones, nothing like the colorful ones I see in photos taken at the aquariums. A polarizing filter will help with glare, by the way — but not with flash. That’s just nuts. LOL

  7. Love your layout of Rebecca and Miss E. I can’t wait to see the baby line! Awesome job scrapping 8 layouts. My mojo was gone but is coming back.

    Have a great weekend!
    Jen B

  8. If that was my desk, I would seriously have an anxiety attack! LOL! Maybe that’s what I need… will it help my creativity flow? Beautiful layout and awesome pics. The one with Elizabeth and the tank is so cool!

  9. I’ve only been to Bubba Gumps one time (in New York) and I got the biggest kick out of the signs you can use when you need help. LOL

    That aquarium looks so beautiful.

    I love your LO! The colors are so pretty and the pictures are precious.

    Olive Garden…yum, yum…one of my favorite places to go!

    Sounds like you have been busy (WOW, on your number of LO’s completed) and spent wonderful time with your family…that’s awesome! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  10. Great page … and great aquarium photos!!!!! And I don’t know many people who JUST scrapbook while they scrapbook. I think scrapbookers are born multitaskers! 😀 Hope the blog issue is resolved & your mojo comes flooding back!

  11. The Lo of your girls is just awesome.. and your aquarium photos turned out great.. and you must have had a wonderfull time with your family… that ice cream looks yummy..
    Mariah # 2457

  12. OMG…that layout of Miss E and Rebecca is just too sweet for words! Oh my…darling!

    Love the Olive Garden photo too! Both girls are so cute!! They look like…What, again? Another picture! Oh my gosh… hug them for me ! I so miss having little ones!


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