starting the ‘crop pack’ process

About a week ago I got a really nice e-mail. It was from someone who had taken ‘crazy about kits’ (my BPS class) last fall. She was telling me how she had pulled out the class handouts again and was really utilizing them to prepare for a big National Scrapbook Day weekend. Inspired by her note, I pulled out the handouts and reminded myself how I want to pack for the upcoming trip!

Now, I won’t share all the secrets of my class (wink) but I will tell you how I’m going about packing for this scrapbook long weekend. This post is kind of ‘part 1’- it does take a LOT for me to select stuff to bring, and I like to do it in little parts…

1. Photos. Start with photos. I’m packing approximately 3x more ‘layouts worth’ than I can possibly do. This will ensure that I’ve got things I want to work on, and if I’m hyper productive I still won’t run out. As I choose photos I want to scrap, I write down the Layout subjects, colors, and 1 page, 2 page, or way more than 2 pages. Once I’ve got all my photos I want then I look at product. This way, I don’t pack product that can’t possibly go with photos. For example- I left all the halloween photos at home so that I don’t have to bring a bunch of Halloween for one page. Know what I mean?

2. The lighter you pack, the better. What I mean is, unless you’re going to a 3 day crop… bringing too much can actually slow you down.

3. Kits are your friends! Whether you bring home-made kits or purchased ones (or both!) coordinated product is good. 🙂

This is a 2-page class that I just taught at I’m a Scrapbook Addict’s retreat in Sacramento. I focused the material for someone at a crop/retreat and had it so that they could be very flexible in how it goes together. Also- there is a sheet with tips/tricks/ideas as well. Hmmm. I have 1 or 2 extra kits that don’t have a home here. I wonder, would you like one? Just leave a comment here and I’ll pick tomorrow.

Well it’s Sunday, and that means laundry folding, house cleaning, and maybe we can talk Jason into some BBQ…

23 thoughts on “starting the ‘crop pack’ process”

  1. This is a great idea May. This is the primary reason I haven’t gone to a crop in a while, I just bring WAY too much stuff. But kits also confuse me, I love them, but never understand how the people that make them put them together. I’m just in awe. Me and coordinating apparently don’t get along well.
    oh and mmmm bbq!

  2. May, wanted to let you know I’ll be a Fiskateer fan of yours always. You are a great person, great spokes person, and a great talent. I’ll be hanging around after you become a Legend!


  3. Great tips May…………….and how generous of you to have a couple extra kits laying around! I’d love one!

    I love visiting your blog…….always something fun!

  4. I love visting your blog, May! I really wanted to come to that retreat just do your make n take! The kit looks super cool and I would LOVE one! I’m thinking of signing up for your BPS class, but I need to wait for this little one to arrive and make sure that I’m up for it (she’ll be arriving before your class starts). Looks like a great class that I could really use!

  5. HI May – thanks for the hints, I am going to a crop this weekend and usually I pack the boot of my car full of everything I have “just incase” but you have inspired me to try to pack just what I will need, becuase you are right – too much stuff does slow me down.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Jake’s layout is so dang cute! Of course, Jake is special to me …. my Jake is my son :)) My Jake reallys wants one of your Jake’s ! Thinking about getting a puppy! I think we’ve all decided we want another dog…

    Love that purple flowered scrap of paper I see! Hmm…kinda pretty 🙂

  7. I try to do that too when I go to crops. I spend hours preparing for them, but it’s so gratifying to have a plan (a fluid plan, of course) and to come home with completed pages!

  8. Great tips May! I always take too much, or not enoughto crops. I love kits, they make my life much easier.

  9. You are very right about not over-packing for crops. I’ve made that mistake, and nothing gets done. Coordinates and kits for me from now on when I go to crops!

    I’d love one of your kits, May! And I love visiting your blog!

  10. Ahhh…I am SUCH an overpacker. I always think “I can’t scrap without _______” and my list always gets longer 🙂 I’m going to an overnight this weekend and have my kits all ready to go!!

  11. I am a major over-packer too – or I used to be when I traveled to crops all the time. I would bring everything but the kitchen sink and then I still wouldn’t have the xyz widget I needed to finish my page. If I’m ever at the point where I have my weekends free again, I would loooove to get back into a cropping groove!

  12. I made that mistake at Nifty Fifty and almost paid for it (literally!). I know I wasn’t the only one so thank you for these great tips!

    Happy Creating!

  13. Great tips on going to crops. I see people carry in 3 or 4 suitcases and get one layout done.
    Love your kit.

  14. hhhmmm, I knew there was a reason I’ve never gone to a crop!!! There is no way I can pack that little bit of stuff…….it’s like moving day just to go visit family so I have something to do while there IN CASE boredom sets in…….LOL!!! I must learn to utilize kits…..I must!!! Love the peek at Jake though, I’m thinking a Daisy (my part black lab part daschund – yeah don’t laugh she’s adorable) page is in order very soon!!! Love your work May!!!

  15. What great tips…I ALWAYS bring too much stuff to a crop!!! It does tend to bog me down…


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