second chance for the lass

I’ve been boycotting Sassafrass Lass for almost 2 years. Why? Well I had a really negative experience with one of their employees at a trade show and with customer service via e-mail┬áthat left me so irritated that I decided to just not use their product. There is so much good stuff out there in the paper world that I try to give my business to companies that are good to their customers.

I’ve been fine with my decision, but yesterday a box full of their new papers arrived (a part of the mosh-posh kit) and so as a part of my job I *have* to use them. I won’t lie- they’re beautiful. The scallop border edge bonus? FABULOUS! The patterns and colors make me all swoon-y like a good paper should.


yeah, I think I need to give them another chance. I’ll try contacting the company and see what happens this time…

ps- if you wanna see all my creations with the new ‘lass then go to and check out the march gallery.

ppss- that threaded ribbon? yeah, that’s the new threading water punch from fiskars. It. Rocks. my. world!