food notes from Reno…

I was in Reno such a short time. I didn’t even have time for a big cowboy breakfast or a casino buffet! dang!! Ah well. I did have non-stop fun while there. The one meal I ate (yes, I said there was time for ONE real meal) was with Angela and Amy in the middle of our scrapbook store visits. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Carson City. The food was yummy and just right for a 2pm lunch. Of course, you know the cameras were out to document every moment of the day so here’s some pics.

this plate of bean dip (?) was¬†served with the chips. It looked a bit weird to me… but it was GOOD.


My lunch- Taquitos Rancheros. I don’t know what the ‘ranchero’ difference was… they looked and tasted like regular taquitos to me. mmm. and yes, I still had my fisk-a-teer apron on.


Angela and Amy with the little dessert yummy treat. It’s a fried tortilla with sugar, cinnamon, honey, and whipped cream. SO tasty.


finally, I’ll tell you that the girls told me about a place called the Chocolate Bar. By the time the fiskateer party was over I was so tired I wanted to just sit and never move. So we didn’t get there. But now I know I MUST get back to Reno asap. I need to experience a place that specializes in chocolate desserts! The trip was such good times and I met and spent time with so many great people… can’t wait for next time!