Hey there, love.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It is very exciting to me because it marks the end of the awful cringe-worthy jewelry commercial season. *throws confetti and blows into a celebratory horn*

Celebrating love and good people in general? We’re all for that any day of the year. Heart shaped foods? Yes please. Over-priced/hyped/intense romance? Pass. I see people get so worked up over the material side of holidays like this – and that bums me out. Perfectly happy to just try and give shout outs to people we care about and/or to simply be reminded to say nice things more and show more appreciation always.

Also… pajamas and relaxing sounds far more appealing than crowded restaurants and over-priced roses.

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So yes, this Valentine’s Day you can find me trying not to eat chocolates or buy a heart shaped cake. Oh, and also I will crafting up a (hopefully) fantastic storm. I will try not to go to Krispy Kreme for heart shaped donuts either. C’mon will power…