summer’s end reads…

I’ve had the privilege of reading a number of wonderful books this summer so I thought (since I now have camera issues… we’ll talk about that another day) I would talk books. Oh I love books.

Widow’s Web is the newest installment in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series and it does not disappoint. If you’re looking for amazing world building, a very kick ass heroine, and a lot of dark grittiness to your Urban Fantasy I highly recommend you go back and start with book #1. By far one of my favorite book series – I did a full review of this book here. Oh and speaking of the UF genre – I also read (and really liked) Gunmetal Magic which is the new Ilona Andrews (and yes, once again best read in order starting with this book).

I am now starting on Kelly Gay’s “Charlie Madigan” series which has some really great potential. Another pretty dark read – I’m interested to see how the characters develop and what all Charlie can do with her powerful new abilities and such. It came highly recommended and I am told they just keep getting better.

Now for something completely different – let’s talk historical romance. Tessa Dare has a new book out today (HOORAY!!!) that can be stand-alone, but really I love it best read in the order of the series because we get scenes with these characters in each book. Oh, but it is just one of my favorite reads of 2012. It is fabulous – you can see my full review here. I love the characters of Spindle Cove – I can’t wait to get back there! Not as amazing, but still one of the best Eloisa James books that I’ve read, is the Ugly Duchess. If you’re into that trope, you may want to check that one out.

Back to UF (because somehow I keep ending up in the urban fantasy genre this summer) I read, loved, and can’t wait for the next in the series-  Blade Song by J.C. Daniels. Kit has a sword that can be called to her, is fearless, works in investigations, and is getting in deep with supernatural politics… the book was really a great read and unique too. I can’t wait for another!

That’s all for today’s recommended reads – I’d love to hear what you are reading (and loving) these days!

On a crafty note – the new Studio Calico kit is out, and it is FANTASTIC!! I spy Amy Tangerine, and so much more goodness… you can check it out here. I may be ordering one right now… I’ll be sure to share results soon as I get it.

Suggested Summer reads: June 25 edition

bit of magic, hint of romance, and three favorite books to share today…

On the Edge by Ilona Andrews
I recommend EVERYTHING by this husband/wife writing team so far. This is the first novel in their “Edge” series. It’s part romance, part fantasy, pure awesome. Action packed, amazing detail and world building, and a novel I loved from first to last page. The heroine is a strong magically gifted woman that lives in the area between the normal (aka non-magical world we know) and the weird wild magical realm. I also read, loved, and recommend the second book in the series- Bayou Moon. It’s kind of a hard series to explain – but if you’re a fan of darker, more paranormal/fantasy type fiction this could be your next favorite too.

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
What I love most is how this author infuses magic into her stories without spells or making it about that. Magic simply IS. In this story, we meet a sad girl who prefers winter because she can cover up and go hide in her closet eating chocolates and generally ignoring the real world. One day a woman appears in her closet, and everything starts changing… the real beauty is that our heroine is in fact the one who’s mixing up her world – not any magic. Between the memorable cast of characters and touching tale, I really enjoyed this book!

Every Boy’s Got One by Meg Cabot
One of my all time favorite romantic comedies, this one is told as diary entries and emails… and it’s awesome. The heroine runs off to Italy with her best friend and her fiancée to witness their marriage! So romantic, so exciting… except for the guy’s best friend who is totally against the whole thing but coming along as the best man. It’s funny, it’s light, it’s totally adorable. I read this when it first came out back in ’05, and I STILL read + love it every summer.


That’s what I’ve got for this week in summer reading suggestions – enjoy! and as always if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to share!

Suggested summer reads for June 6

 It’s the last week of school here, and that means summer is nearly here! Ok, so it’s still pouring rain and feels like January outside – but that’s ok!! I’ve been so busy working on projects all winter and spring that I’ve completely been neglecting my usual book suggestions shared with you here on my blog. Shame on me!! I’m breaking them up into small groups and I’ll be sharing much more often – as well as doing give-aways of some of my favorites as well! Here’s today’s picks:

“on the lighter side of fiction”
Maybe this time by Jen Crusie
It’s got some spooky ghosts, a second chance romance, some odd kids (whom I liked), and a classic Crusie heroine. (Funky, strong, does her own thing, great in the kitchen..). It’s not quite any one genre – but it’s entertaining and I could see this making a great poolside or at the beach read.

“dark & twisty”
Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
Book #5 in an increasingly AMAZING addition to a series that started out slow (there’s SO many questions to be answered!!) and has become one of my absolute favorite series. This Urban Fantasy series follows Kate (a magically kick ass mercenary) as she gets a real life in a very funky world (set in Atlanta – sort of) filled with bad guys (and good) of all walks of supernatural life. I *LOVE* this series!! Check it out and if you’re looking for something with a lot of twists, action & danger, dash of romance, and a super awesome heroine. Note: series MUST be read in order: 1 magic bites, 2 magic burns , 3 magic strikes, 4 magic bleeds

“ye olde fashioned romance”
Unveiled by Courtney Milan
It’s a simple story really, a man is bent on destroying a family and taking everything from them… and then he meets and falls in love with a woman (the sister of said family, posing as nurse). Well it’s not THAT simple as we have a number of brothers to contend with, not to mention how these two can possibly find happily ever after without one of them turning their back on their family… [bottom line: this author ROCKS the ye olde regency romance. AMAZING]

I’ve got a back-log of books to share, prizes, and crafty ideas to share as well – so stay tuned! Oh! and as always – if you’ve got reading suggestions I’d love to hear them – please do share!

also note: if you click on the category “books” here on the blog you can read any/all past posts and recommendations I’ve done. Happy reading!