Suggested summer reads for June 6

 It’s the last week of school here, and that means summer is nearly here! Ok, so it’s still pouring rain and feels like January outside – but that’s ok!! I’ve been so busy working on projects all winter and spring that I’ve completely been neglecting my usual book suggestions shared with you here on my blog. Shame on me!! I’m breaking them up into small groups and I’ll be sharing much more often – as well as doing give-aways of some of my favorites as well! Here’s today’s picks:

“on the lighter side of fiction”
Maybe this time by Jen Crusie
It’s got some spooky ghosts, a second chance romance, some odd kids (whom I liked), and a classic Crusie heroine. (Funky, strong, does her own thing, great in the kitchen..). It’s not quite any one genre – but it’s entertaining and I could see this making a great poolside or at the beach read.

“dark & twisty”
Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
Book #5 in an increasingly AMAZING addition to a series that started out slow (there’s SO many questions to be answered!!) and has become one of my absolute favorite series. This Urban Fantasy series follows Kate (a magically kick ass mercenary) as she gets a real life in a very funky world (set in Atlanta – sort of) filled with bad guys (and good) of all walks of supernatural life. I *LOVE* this series!! Check it out and if you’re looking for something with a lot of twists, action & danger, dash of romance, and a super awesome heroine. Note: series MUST be read in order: 1 magic bites, 2 magic burns , 3 magic strikes, 4 magic bleeds

“ye olde fashioned romance”
Unveiled by Courtney Milan
It’s a simple story really, a man is bent on destroying a family and taking everything from them… and then he meets and falls in love with a woman (the sister of said family, posing as nurse). Well it’s not THAT simple as we have a number of brothers to contend with, not to mention how these two can possibly find happily ever after without one of them turning their back on their family… [bottom line: this author ROCKS the ye olde regency romance. AMAZING]

I’ve got a back-log of books to share, prizes, and crafty ideas to share as well – so stay tuned! Oh! and as always – if you’ve got reading suggestions I’d love to hear them – please do share!

also note: if you click on the category “books” here on the blog you can read any/all past posts and recommendations I’ve done. Happy reading!

2010 in Hardback

1 year ago, after giving away a stack of hardback books I made myself a promise. I’d only buy books hardcover if they were ‘can’t live without for another minute’, and I had a maximum of six for the year. In 2009 I bought the two Janet Evanovich Plum Novels (Wish I had waited for paperback, sigh); Sophia Kinsella’s 20’s girl (AWESOME), Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol (FANTASTIC), and that’s it. It was good for my budget, and in 2010 there are a number of books that will be released paperback (and much more budget-friendly) that are on my wish list. That’s exciting, but what’s even more cool is the hardbacks I see coming in the next few months…

I found this today – it’s labeled as young adult, but I think all us SATC fans will love it regardless of age.

This writing duo wrote Agnes & The Hitman (one of my fave re-reads) – so it’s most likely a MUST on my purchase list.

Marian Keyes is a favorite – and while I put her last book on my ‘wait for paperback’ I’m not sure I’ll do the same this time.

So there are three books coming in 2010 that I’m watching. I’m still holding myself to the ‘no more than 6 hardbacks’ rule – that really helped me be more selective and careful in my pics. What are you watching for? TV? Movies? {Books always come first for stories/entertainment in my room.}