First day of school teacher cards

First of all pause: How am I the mom to a 3rd and 5th grader?! I really don’t know how time went and flew so fast…


More than once I’ve thought to myself that I ought to drop a hello note introducing myself and thanking (in advance) the teachers on the first day. Thing is… I always think this thought oh as I’m driving home after the first day.

No more! So on the final day of summer break I sat down with a “hello” stamp (old one from Elle’s Studio) and played for a while.


The cards you see here are the 4th and 5th attempt. #1-3 were bombs! That’s ok! I was trying a few different things and I’m always happy to do tests and trials with new ideas most especially.

card1_blog copy

But wait, there’s more! I created a tutorial so if you’d like to watch my process here you go! (link to YouTube)

Now, off to school and to drop these cards!