You can do it, lovely friend.

The days are getting shorter and the lists of things to do longer. What’s a crafty girl to do? Today I just wanted to leave you a bit of encouragement, some “yes you can!” and general positive vibes. Recently I got hit (smacked, thrashed, etc) with a TON of negative happening all in just a few days. It was so brutal I thought – geez just give up!

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looking ahead: autumn project planning

As I type this article I’m juggling moving one college freshman into her dorm (my sweet niece, who will be attending college near me!), as well as my own two girls starting new school years and having all kinds of projects for me to do. So I’m taking a moment to breathe, put away the summer, and prepare for my favorite season: Autumn!

From apple picking to pumpkins, and beads to felt – I have crafty visions floating in my autumn loving head!

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Grab onto that spark!

To say things are chaotic here would be an understatement. Between kid schedules, working ahead (I will on the road for about 6 weeks this summer!), and trying to find my stride creatively and fitness wise – well it’s a crazy time.

And it is a wonderful time. 

I have given myself full permission to simply follow sparks of inspiration. To test out ideas and just simply see what will happen if —. No excuses about being overwhelmed or busy, no nonsense about “not a good time”. Just doing… and seeing what happens.

Why would I embrace such a chaotic way of being and random following of ideas in life overall? There is a bigger plan and idea – and today I will attempt to explain the new method to my madness.

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What to do when that scrapbook has you overwhelmed (and other thoughts)

One of the topics I’ve seen a lot of lately is the feeling of being overwhelmed by scrapbooks, photos, and other memory keeping projects. Believe me, I HEAR YOU!  I am in the same boat, because when you get piles on piles on piles… well it’s all a bit much! Over the next few months you’ll be seeing some quick/easy scrapbook pages from me here because: A) I’m doing a lot of those and B) I want to share inspiration with you! I want you to feel encouraged to “just get out and do it” and have fun with it! Whatever that looks like.

It doesn’t all have to be crazy time consuming or intense! So to help share some inspiration I’m going to share a bit of a lesson from my Creative Fitness class with you here today.

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Craft Fail: Why it’s my favorite!

Today I want to remind you of something important: if you craft, you will have craft failures.

Maybe it’s a silly thing to say – but it is true! You can’t win them all, and all ideas you have won’t be your favorites. I actually LOVE when I have craft fails and today I want to explain why, and encourage you to test and play more – rely on old standards a little less.  Continue reading “Craft Fail: Why it’s my favorite!”