looking ahead: autumn project planning

As I type this article I’m juggling moving one college freshman into her dorm (my sweet niece, who will be attending college near me!), as well as my own two girls starting new school years and having all kinds of projects for me to do. So I’m taking a moment to breathe, put away the summer, and prepare for my favorite season: Autumn!

From apple picking to pumpkins, and beads to felt – I have crafty visions floating in my autumn loving head!

Preparing for a new season of projects for me begins with outlining what I want, or what I hope for from the upcoming season. I try to set a few (reasonable!) goals, and a plan of attack that I can actually stick with. I also try to look ahead and check out holidays, birthdays, and happenings that are coming down the line to get ready in advance. A bit of advance planning never hurts!

As I put together this owl necklace for Rebecca (a request of hers – she’s been requesting a lot of custom jewelry lately!) I made a mental list that I’d like to do a few banners/decor for the table (I really enjoyed summer having fake flowers + banner!), I’d like a new table runner, and I’d like to continue developing and expanding my craft base knowledge alongside working on my current scrapbooks.

Really, I want to just do what I do… just a bit more focus and a lot more time! Now that kids are back to school I should in theory have those lovely weekday morning/early afternoon blocks of time to work. And I really do want to work on making the most of my time and balancing as well – not too much work or too much of any one kind of thing. I  want to “dabble and play” in the arts and crafts! A few things I’ve already done to prepare include:

  1. Clearing out my supplies and making a SMALL pile of “let’s get this used” items to work with first
  2. Getting my space clean, so I am free to work and enjoy at will.
  3. Setting up plans with myself. Call it what you want – but I set up “don’t go out” hours/days each week so that I have time dedicated to create.

Above all, I plan to celebrate the projects I do get done, rather than stress what I didn’t do. So long as I am inspired and I can create some things – it’s going to be a great season! Fall is my absolute favorite – so stay tuned and expect to see a lot more autumn inspired creations from scrapbooks to home decor from me shared here!

What are you looking forward to in fall? How are you gearing up for a new season of crafting? Do share!

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  1. That is so cool that your niece will be going to college near you! I bet she’s happy to be near you as well. Love the owl necklace.
    I’d like my life to just settle down a bit so I can craft!

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